6m QED Reference 40 Series Low Capacitance Subwoofer Cable - QE3232

6m QED Reference 40 Series Low Capacitance Subwoofer Cable - QE3232


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QED Reference Subwoofer 40 has been designed primarily for low capacitance. Why? Because QED has identified capacitance as the major factor in delivering a tight sound which retains the rhythm of the original piece – vital when it comes to the ‘bottom end!”

Minute timing errors are significantly improved by the use of QED’s Complementary Conductor TechnologyTM combined with a special floating Zn/Mn ferrite jacket to absorb very high frequency noise signals outside the audible band.
The QED AnalocTM plug design helps control eddy currents which can also affect the micro-timing of the audio signal, maintaining high- fidelity from start to finish.


  • Silver Plated 99.999% OFC Conductors
  • Analoc RCA Plugs
  • QED Lifetime Guarantee

Feature & Benefits

Award Winning Heritage

QED has won more What Hi-fi Awards than any other single brand. With the Reference cable range this heritage is delivered directly and without compromise. All QED cables are designed using the top down principle with Reference Subwoofer 40 representing the pinnacle of musical performance.

Floating Internal Ferrite Jacket

Absorbs high frequency noise signal components outside the audio band. When measured using high frequency measurement equipment, Audio 40 products convey a comparably cleaner and tighter signal pattern when its special Zn/Mn ferrite jacket is present. This has a beneficial effect on audio signal micro-timing and may account for the clear preference expressed for the ferrite jacket in listening tests.

Just Listen

Silver plated signal carriers, effective high quality shielding and low eddy current plugs all combine to create audible sonic improvements. We urge you to compare it not only to your favourite cable but also alternative brands and models at any price!

Analoc RCA Plugs

This all new locking design features small high purity gold plated copper conductors in place of the usual large volume brass body found in ordinary “high quality” plugs. This cuts down or eliminates the tendency for the changing magnetic field in the conductor to induce eddy currents which are thought to affect the micro-timing of the audio signal. Coupled with its hollow central pin, which is designed to combat the skin effect in the same way as our X-Tube speaker cables, the new QED Analoc plug maintains the fidelity of the audio signal from start to finish.

Complementary Conductor Technology

Improves timing and detail, retaining the rhythm of the original piece – vital when it comes to the “bottom end.” Unlike conventional analogue interconnects, Reference Audio 40 uses two silver plated 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper conductors of different diameters to carry the same audio signal.

This has the effect of providing an alternative signal path for more subtle audio components which might otherwise become time smeared in a single audio pathway. Reference Sub Woofer 40 is further optimised by having a 25% smaller diameter than Reference Audio 40 making it more convenient for those long runs around the room.


  • Conductor Section 0.30 mm2
  • Parallel Capacitance 124 pF/m
  • Loop Resistance 0.076 Ω/m
  • Loop Inductance 0.33 uH
  • Dissipation Factor @ 10 kHz 0.0210
  • Outside Diameter 6 mm
  • QED Lifetime Guarantee

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