High Speed HDMI Cables Australia

      HDMI, or High-Definition Multimedia Interface, cables are used to transmit high quality audio-video signals from device to device. They are the most widely used cables in homes to connect one device to another.

      HDMI is a digital interface, single cable solution for combined HD video and audio. They effectively replace analogue solutions which require separate audio/video cables—such as VGA and audio jack.

      HDMI supports all modern video formats including HD and Ultra HD 4k and 8k. Though, as technology advances, it’s important to be aware that the HDMI outputs and inputs on older devices may not have the same functionality as newer ones.

      Their place in home theatre setup

      You will find at least one HDMI port on most modern home theatre technology, including AV receivers, TVs, soundbars, game consoles and projectors. If a device needs to send or receive video and audio signals, then it will most likely have a HDMI port.

      HDMI cables can be used to send almost any type of audio and video signal across your home theatre setup.

      As they are the standard interface for connecting modern audio-video devices together, they are a great choice for your home cinema.

      Benefits of high-quality HDMI cables

      High quality HDMI cables have some attractive features if you’re looking for great home theatre products.


      Firstly, the best hdmi cables can be more durable. For example, gold plated HDMI cables such as the Blustream Precision Fibre Optic HMDI Cable are of a higher grade and are better conductors than normal. They will also prevent the oxidation that can occur on the ends of regular HDMI cables.

      Fibre optic efficiency

      Fibre optic HDMI cables are also a high-end product which can deliver maximum data transfer rates over very long distances. Models are now able to transmit the full 48Gbps required for 8K signal, these are now our go to option for runs longer than 8m and help future proof your install as much as possible.

      Normal HDMI cables use electricity to transmit signals, while fibre optic cables have a convertor fitted in the HDMI connector which converts to the signal to be transmitted by light pulses over the cable length and then converted back the HDMI at the other end.

      Great for gaming

      The best HDMI cables can provide ultra high speed, higher resolution and improved frame rates including 4k@120Hz and 8k @ 60Hz. As 8K Certified HDMI cables can comfortably support these high speeds, this means freezing and glitching while gaming can be a thing of the past.

      How We Can Help

      If you would like more information about our stocked range of high speed HDMI cables or want to find out which is best for you, reach out to our friendly knowledgeable team at CHT Solutions for professional advice.