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      Monitor Audio

      Monitor Audio is a brand synonymous with superior audio performance and cutting-edge technology. If you are in the market to upgrade your home theatre audio setup, our carefully curated range of Monitor Audio products is crafted to take your audio experience to new heights.

      Why Choose Monitor Audio?

      Monitor Audio has been a leader in the market of high-fidelity audio systems since 1972, consistently pushing the boundaries of sound innovation.

      Known for their rigorous precision and use of premium materials, Monitor Audio speakers deliver crystal clear and lifelike sound that will transform your music and movie-watching experience.

      Every product from this iconic brand is a testament to the British tradition of exquisite audio performance and sleek, contemporary design.

      Our Curated Monitor Audio Selection

      Bronze Series – Perfect for those entering the realm of high-fidelity sound at a more affordable price, the Bronze Series showcases Monitor Audio’s commitment to excellence at an accessible price point. With features like Damped Concentric Mode (DCM) technology and high-quality build, these speakers offer a balanced and rich sound that is rare in this price category. The series includes compact bookshelf models and versatile floor-standers that fit beautifully into any home environment.

      Silver Series – Experience a blend of aesthetic elegance and dynamic performance. The Silver Series offers a range of floor-standing speakers, bookshelf speakers, and centre channels, all designed to produce a seamless and immersive sound experience. Ideal for both music enthusiasts and film buffs alike, these speakers are crafted with advanced C-CAM cone drivers and RST technology, ensuring detailed audio reproduction and powerful delivery.

      Gold Series – The Gold Series represents the peak of Monitor Audio's range, offering unmatched sound precision and luxury. With advanced ribbon tweeter and RDT II cone technology, these speakers produce crystal clear, detailed sound, capturing every subtle detail.

      Soundbars and Subwoofers – Enhance your home cinema with Monitor Audio’s soundbars and subwoofers that promise to bring the theatre right into your living room. Designed to complement your visuals with deep, resonant bass and full-range clarity, these components ensure a surround sound experience that is both powerful and precise.

      Outdoor Speakers – Extend your audio excellence to every corner of your space with Monitor Audio’s outdoor solutions. Weather-resistant and built to blend seamlessly into their environment, these speakers deliver Monitor Audio’s signature performance, outdoors setups.

      In-Ceiling & In-Wall Speakers - The Monitor Audio Creator Series introduces a sophisticated lineup of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, combining high-fidelity sound with innovative installation technologies. This series offers three tiers of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, each designed to meet varying levels of performance needs and budget constraints. Features include the use of advanced materials like C-CAM drivers and RDT III technology, ensuring pristine sound quality. Additionally, installation is simplified with the Quik-Link and Tri-Grip II systems, enhancing both ease and flexibility for installers. This series epitomises the fusion of superior sound performance with seamless integration into any architectural environment.

      Join the Monitor Audio Family

      Whether upgrading your home audio system or setting up a new one, choosing Monitor Audio means joining a community of discerning listeners who appreciate the finer details in sound.

      Explore our collection and discover how Monitor Audio can transform your listening experience through the richness of premium audio.

      Experience the Difference with CHT Solutions

      At CHT Solutions, we don’t just sell products; we provide complete audio solutions. Our team of audio experts is dedicated to helping you select the perfect Monitor Audio equipment for your needs, ensuring it integrates seamlessly with your existing setup.

      From detailed product knowledge to after-sales support, our commitment to customer satisfaction makes us the preferred choice for audio enthusiasts across Australia.

      Ready to experience the ultimate in sound quality? Browse our Monitor Audio collection today and find the perfect addition to your audio-visual setup.