CD Players @ CHT Solutions

      Although new innovation has moved many people away from CD players, there is still plenty of joy to be found in a much-loved CD collection. There’s nothing quite like browsing your CD stand and placing your favourite disc into the player.

      Why a CD Player?

      CDs are still one of the best-sounding physical audio formats that most people can get their hands on. The crackling imperfections that vinyls are known and loved for may not be for everyone. If you appreciate a wider dynamic range and more bass, CDs are the leading choice for a superior listening experience.

      CD vs streaming

      Streaming definitely has come a long way in recent times with quality not matching and in some cases exceeding CD’s but it’s not for everyone, some people prefer the simple operation of inserting a CD and pressing play and listening to the album as the artist intended.


      CDs are not only a superior audio format, but they can also be extremely affordable. You can also pick up used CD’s nowadays for a fraction of what they used to cost, so it’s a great way to build out your collection.

      Special features

      There is no denying CD booklets and album artwork add to the experience of listening to your favourite album. They also often include exclusive content like images, lyrics and artwork not otherwise released.

      The modern CD player

      The CD players stocked here at CHT Solutions are contemporary versions of the traditional player but play old CDs perfectly with improved sound quality and a design that guarantees they are built to last. They also often come fitted with additional features including integrated USB ports and vibration-resistant designs that reduce adverse audio effects to meet high-quality sound standards.

      Our Stocked CD Player Brands

      Quality is our priority at CHT Solutions, so we only stock the best CD players from some of the most well-respected brands including:

      Our Range of CD Players

      If you want to put your CD collection to good use, browse our wide range of innovative CD players to include in your home setup and get those classic albums back on your listening rotation. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for expert advice on which CD player will be best for your needs!