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      Modern speaker stands aren’t just for raising your bulky speaker boxes off the ground, they are specifically designed to improve your audio experience by bringing the best out of your speakers.

      They are the perfect product for creating an immersive audio experience which can be enjoyed by film buffs and music enthusiasts alike.


      Our stocked speaker stands have great benefits designed to improve your home entertainment needs.

      Sound quality

      Speaker stands work to manage vibrations, reduce early reflections and ensure the proper amount of treble—they are designed to seriously improve sound clarity.

      Also, having your speakers sitting with the tweeter at ear level, will improve your surround sound experience by offering proper directionality. The height of your speakers greatly impacts the sound quality of your music, film audio or surround sound.

      They work to eliminate sound reflection off surfaces, and help with speaker foundation and anchoring.

      They provide what is known as decoupling between your speakers and the floor—this is also known as mechanical isolation—which plays an important role in managing vibrations.


      As they are not just restricted to use with wireless speakers, another benefit of some of these stands is that cables can be hidden by running them through the centre of the stand, making for very neat design and installation.

      Assembly is also simple and can be completed hassle-free within 15 minutes.

      The height personalisation of these products is another great benefit of speaker stands, as they can be customised to sit at the perfect ear height.

      A custom speaker stand can support a wide range of speaker types including bookshelf speakers, wireless speakers, surround sound and satellite speakers.

      The added mass at the base means modern speaker stands have improved stability. Plus floor protectors, rubber pads or carpet spikes are included in the purchase of many speaker stands so they can be used securely no matter the floor type.

      Their sleek look not only offers perfect sound but also a luxurious design to any home cinema.


      At CHT Solutions our stocked sleek stand brands are innovators in audio excellence to bring the best out of your home theatre and ambient listening needs at a great price.

      1. Stereotech
      2. Definitive Technology
      3. Sanus

      How We Can Help

      Reach out to our friendly team at CHT Solutions if you have any queries about which speaker stand model is right for your set of speakers.