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      Speaker Cables For Home Theatres

      A speaker cable is what connects your speakers to your speakers to your hifi or home theatre system. You can really be leaving performance on the table by not using the correct type or size of speaker wire, use something that is not thick enough for your longer runs and this can cause a loss of power due to the higher resistance being created by the smaller conductor size, your amplifier will then need to work harder for the same volume levels which can cause a loss in dynamic range.

      That brings us to the method of sizing speaker wire, AWG (American Wire Gauge). This confuses some people, as the larger the AWG of the speaker wire, the smaller the conductor size. For example, 12 AWG speaker wire is actually thicker with a larger conductor size than 14AWG.

      Whatever you are connecting your speakers to—perhaps your amplifier or AV receiver—the speaker wire you use is going to have a big impact on the way your system sounds.

      The audio elements that speaker cables can have the biggest influence on are dynamics, detail, tonality and timbre.

      Our Stock

      At CHT Solutions we stock three different types of speaker cable for home theatre:

      Bulk Purchasing By The Roll Or Box

      This type of speaker cable can save you a lot of money, as it is cheaper to purchase this way instead of by the metre. This bare wire comes unterminated, so you have the option to connect the bare speaker wire directly to your speaker system. This is usually sold in 50m, 100m or 152m lengths, giving you enough for your whole install. It’s usually a good idea to order a little more than you think you need, spare speaker wire can also come in handy in the future.

      Alternatively, if you change your mind down the road, you can then add plugs that give better contact with the sockets to ensure you're getting the best sound quality.

      Per Metre

      The benefit of this type of speaker cable is that it can be custom terminated to suit your specific equipment and you have the flexibility to buy exactly as much you will need. The ideal speaker length is no more than the amount you need to comfortably install the cable. So if you just require a small amount for your setup, this can be the best way to purchase.

      As it comes unterminated, you also have the option to wire the bare wire directly to the speaker. Even if you change your mind in the future, you can always cut away any oxidised wire and still have the option to add banana plugs or other connectors.

      Ultimately, for any wire that is destined to sit in-wall, you will need an unterminated cable. This includes in-ceiling or in-wall speakers, and anything that will run into the wall cavity.

      Pre Terminated

      This type of speaker wire for hifi or home theatre refers to cable that has terminated ends that plug directly into your speaker and the device you are connecting it to. The convenience of easy, high-quality connection straight out of the box is very efficient, though lengths are fixed. We offer various models from AudioQuest which use more esoteric cable construction methods which can be desirable for your HiFi system when you’re trying to extract the maximum performance from your system. A benefit of terminated speaker cables is that they help prevent oxidation of the copper wire, which will degrade your sound quality if left unchecked.

      There are different plug size options available, so it is best to get connectors that fit well with your current speaker sockets to ensure your sound system's performance is at its best.

      Stocked Brands

      At CHT Solutions we pride ourselves on stocking a wide range of low loss signal transfer cables to improve your home entertainment system. The brands we stock are:

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