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      Best Home Theatre Projectors

      Home theatre projectors are one of the key components in your home theatre setup, as they are responsible for the image you see on screen.

      At CHT Solutions we stock two major brands of home entertainment projectors which are specified for home theatre use, Epson and BenQ.

      Epson is the leading LCD projector brand, as well as the largest projector manufacturer globally. They are renowned for being both a high-quality and affordable brand.

      BenQ is the No.1 selling DLP projector brand globally. They have a wide range of innovative projector designs suited to home theatre and far beyond.

      How Projectors Work

      In simple terms, a projector is a device that can take a beam of light and turn it into your favourite movie or game in high-definition detail. The best projectors will do this in 4k resolution with great detail and brightness to the image. Modern projectors have come a long way to achieve a clean, crisp Ultra HD image.

      LCD projectors work by shining a light through three liquid crystal panels (one for each primary colour) to create an image that is then ‘projected’ through the lens onto a projector screen.

      DLP projectors on the other hand, beam light through a colour wheel, reflection mirrors and then a lens. On the screen you are seeing pulsating shades of RGB light alternating so quickly that our brains put together a complete image. If it was slowed down, you would not see the full image—instead you’d be seeing sequential images of red, green then blue light.

      Both types of laser projectors can offer a sharper image than TV to achieve that ‘cinema feel’ at home.

      Things To Be Mindful Of When Purchasing A Projector

      Throw Ratio — This is the single most important thing you need to know when searching for a new a projector. Throw ratio is what determines how large an image a projector will produce from a certain mounting distance, this will give you a range, which can be used to determine where the projector needs to be mounted to achieve your desired screen size. This is important, as some projectors may not suit your room and screen size.

      For example your projector may only be able to produce a 120” image from 3.7m from the lens to the projector screen, and if your room is too small to cater for this, you will need to reduce your screen size or select a more suitable projector. You can also use projector calculators to determine the image size from a specific mounting distance, or you can reach out to us to ensure whether a certain model of projector is suitable for you.

      Lumens Output — This is the amount of light which a projector outputs, higher lumens is required for larger screen sizes and also in conditions when you have more ambient light in a room.

      Contrast Ratio — This figure is the ratio of light reflected off the screen from an all white image to an all black image. The higher the contrast ratio the better your black levels and detail within black images will be. ANSI contrast ratio is the true contrast ratio and the most accurate. Keep in mind that some manufacturers publish a full on/off contrast ratio which can be slightly misleading.

      Input Lag — This is only really important if you like to game on your projector. The lower the input lag, the better your gaming experience, as there is not a noticeable 30+ millisecond delay on the image, which lowers your reaction times in games.

      Key Differences Between Models

      Our stocked products include the best projectors at a range of price points from just over $1000 through to $5000, so you can find the perfect fit for both your budget and your unique home theatre setup.

      Our stocked range of Epson projectors offer:

      • Advanced 3LCD, 3-chip projector design technology
      • High contrast ratio for better detail in bright and dark scenes
      • Budget-friendly options

      Epson also provides long-life, cost-efficient lamps and high efficiency filters to extend the life of your projector.

      In comparison, our stocked BenQ projectors offer:

      • Advanced DLP projection
      • 4K resolution on all models
      • A projector model specifically designed for gaming—offering ultra-low input lag

      BenQ also has a unique mini projector, perfect for those that want a home cinema feel without being confined to one room. It is portable, lightweight and easy to set up, so you can take your theatre with you to another room, or even outdoors.

      Place In Home Entertainment

      Home theatre projectors are the heart of your entertainment setup as it’s where the image comes to life. Ensuring you have the best projector to suit your home entertainment needs is a great place to start.

      As you start planning your home theatre, it’s important to know what kind of room layout you're after. Projectors allow your theatre room to keep its versatility—they are easily mounted to the ceiling or wall, and portable options are available to ensure your space is still able to be used in other ways. A large screen home theatre TV can take up a lot more space and cannot easily be moved.

      Projectors can be used for indoor or outdoor movies, gaming, presentations and photo slides. Plus, the reflected light of a projector is gentler on the eyes when compared with the emitted light from TVs.

      How We Can Help

      At CHT Solutions, we are experts in home theatre projector Australia. If you have any queries or would like more information, reach out to our friendly team.