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      Subwoofer cables serve a similar purpose to other audio or speaker cables in your home theatre, however they are specifically designed to transmit low frequency audio signals from your AV Receiver, Amplifier or Processor so that they can be reproduced by your subwoofer.

      Some subwoofer cables such as some of the AudioQuest models also have a drain wire connection which can be connected to the grounding of the amplifier / subwoofer, this can help with ground loop issues which some people can experience with their subwoofers humming when not in use.

      Place In a Home Theatre Setup

      It is recommended to use high-quality subwoofer cables when transmitting to any type of speaker system or home cinema setup. You can buy either terminated or unterminated cables depending on your desired connection and budget.

      Unterminated cables allow you to wire the bare wire directly to your speaker and terminated cables typically have RCA cable plugs at each end that creates a great connection for you.

      How To Look After Your Subwoofer Cable

      You will need to look after your subwoofer audio cables to avoid residue building up and causing any interference to the transmission of the audio signal.

      • Keeping an eye on the ends of the RCA connectors to ensure they are well maintained and in good order is important—keep these clean with a tissue or q-tip to help stop dirt or residue from building up, and doing this every 6 months or so will keep them performing at their best.
      • Is it also important to wind them up correctly, avoiding knots or putting undue stress on the cable to extend its life.

      If you look after it correctly, your cable should last a long time without going bad or burning out.

      What Is The Benefit Of a Subwoofer Cable?

      The major benefit to making a subwoofer cable part of your home theatre system is to greatly increase the sound quality. The cable allows you to access the deep, intense sound you want from your subwoofer.

      This enhanced sound quality is achieved through the increased shielding added to the cable that serves to improve the analog signal sent.

      How We Can Help

      If you have any queries regarding the right subwoofer cable for you, get in contact with CHT Solutions and we would be happy to help.