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      Home Theatre Seating/Recliners

      You are going to want to be comfortable when you kick back in your new home theatre setup. Luckily, here at CHT solutions, we stock a selection of Manhattan home theatre seating options for you to take your home theatre setup to the next level.

      Manhattan Cinema Recliners

      Manhattan cinema lounge recliners bring you the very best in home theatre seating. Each of the models is expertly designed within Australia and features a premium motorised recliner mechanism, with an ultra-quiet motor that is virtually silent while the seat is reclined.

      Advantages of the Manhattan range:

      • Sturdy - chairs won't budge when the occupant shifts their weight.
      • Optimal space utilisation - as the chair reclines it shifts forward, allowing it to be placed very close to the back wall.
      • High-quality solid wood frame handmade by expert carpenters.
      • Pocket spring seat base between two layers of high-density foam. The base is wrapped in a super breathable cloth, promoting ultimate airflow and maximum comfort.
      • Supportive, ultra-plush backrests, armrests and headrests.

      Ultimate customisation on material finishes

      • Manhattan only uses top grain leather (a vegan leather alternative is also available), so there is no split or reconstituted leather on any of the touch surfaces. Designed to last for many years, Manhattan recliners will not peel like the inferior products out there.
      • Alongside the leather options, the Manhattan cinema lounge recliners come in a range of suede, textured, and velvet fabric options. These are ideal for colder climates, but there is also the option of inseat heating, so you never have to be cold regardless of your material choice.
      • Looking to take things to the next level? Well, Manhattan offers a luxury upgrade on their Pro Series with Muirheads range of Scottish leathers which are found in some of the worlds best sports cars and first class suites in the world's top airlines. Available in a vast 140 colours and textures it offers the highest level of customisation on the local market.
      • Seats are made with matching stitching by default, but you have the option to choose contrast stitching if you would prefer, at no additional cost.

      Multiple configurations

      No matter what the size of your home theatre, we guarantee that there will be a configuration of our home theatre seating that will work for your space. It is best to consult with us, as we can recommend the best home theatre seating layout to optimise your home cinema experience whilst providing maximum comfort.

      Manhattan home theatre seating models available:

      Each of these recliner models has its own included features, with many models having the customisation option of adding extras such as motorised headrests, massage functions, removable tray tables, and even a chilled cup holder (and more!). For more information on specific inclusions and extras, click through to the product pages of the above-mentioned recliner models.

      Rely on CHT Solutions for the best home theatre seating

      Choosing top quality recliners is paramount when it comes to creating the ideal theatre room. You're going to be seated for hours, so you are going to want to be as comfortable as possible. Our Manhattan recliners make a big difference in providing maximum comfort and have a ton of impressive features designed to take your home theatre experience to the next level. Reach out to us for any professional advice on our individual home theatre seating Australia models, package deals and configuration options.