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      Turntables, or record players, have had a huge resurgence in popularity in the last decade. Multiple generations are now including a turntable in their home entertainment setup and are delighting in building up their record collection and rediscovering classics.

      The digital audio formats used by many streaming services struggle to bring back the nostalgia of old-school analog audio that is provided by vinyl. Music is all about the experience and few would argue that vinyl is all about the experience. Plus, the incomparable album artwork and innovative record designs just add to the growing appeal of vinyl records.

      Features of a High-Quality Record Player

      High-quality, modern turntables are expertly crafted with advanced design, engineering, and special features to create a high-fidelity listening experience during playback. Turntables at higher price points guarantee excellent innovation, but high-quality features can be found in a wide range of record players. Stand-out features include:

      • Innovative design that reduces vibrations and interference
      • The advanced engineering of tonearm assembly, needle arm, and wiring
      • Easy to place, with feet that absorb vibrations
      • Heavy plinth, resonance-free
      • USB output, to create digital copies of your favourite records
      • Digital electronic speed control
      • High-quality cartridges preinstalled or purchased as an upgrade option.

      We stock only the best record player turntables here at CHT Solutions which ensure optimal sound quality, creating an unmatched listening experience. Superbly designed, they’re ideal for those looking for sleek, innovative design and a system that runs ultra-silently.

      Our Turntable Brands

      Here at CHT Solutions we prioritise quality, so we stock a range of high-end turntables at different price points for any home entertainment setup. The brands we proudly stock include:

      Record Player Accessories

      Additionally, we stock a range of turntable accessories including; turntable cartridges, replacement styluses, turntable cleaning products, vinyl care packs, and record pucks.

      Our Range of Turntables

      Whether you're a music aficionado or the occasional home listener, a classic record player will really take your home music setup up a notch. Whatever your needs, we have the ideal turntable solution for you.

      CHT Solutions offers only the highest quality, value-for-money turntables. We are passionate about the best innovations in home entertainment and strive to provide the best stock on the market—so much so we provide obligation-free professional advice on any of our stocked turntable models. Contact us today, we would love to help you.