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      In Wall Hi-Fi Speakers

      A home theatre is incomplete without high-quality surround sound. A great, contemporary way to achieve true stereo is through including in-wall speakers in your entertainment setup.

      Hi-fi wall speakers maximise sound quality and bass to curate an exceptional audio experience while watching your favourite films or playing a great game.

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      In-wall speakers offer some great features that can enhance the expectional experience of your home theatre.

      Perfect Positioning Behind Acoustically Transparent Screens In-wall speakers are ideal to be positioned behind an acoustically transparent projector screen. This way the audio is coming from directly behind the movie image, where it belongs. Since the speaker is then positioned inside the wall cavity it allows for these special types of projector screens to be easily positioned over them.


      Their sleek profile means the layout of your home theatre is more customisable. For example, they are a great idea for a discreet theatre room layout as they free up more of your floor space so your room is more versatile—it is easy to design your whole room to work discreetly when you pair these with other discreet products and accessories. They are also more compact than on-wall speakers.

      In-wall speakers are also an excellent idea for commercial spaces too. When you’re tight on space these will free up your floor and can be placed around the room for discreet high-quality audio.

      Sound Quality

      The quality of in-wall speakers is not sacrificed in favour of their convenience. No matter your room setup, they are placed directly at ear level to ensure an excellent audio experience every time.

      This positioning is designed to ensure your speaker system is creating realistic sound, no matter what music or movie you’re listening to—so they will always be a great addition to your surround sound system.


      Unlike floor standing and other kinds of fully visible speakers, in-wall speakers are mostly hidden. This means your room will look a lot less cluttered with boxes and visible cables.

      Your room will not only be much easier to keep clean, but your speakers will also be at a much lower risk of being damaged. This makes these speakers one of the most family friendly choices—without sacrificing style.

      Place in Your Home Theatre Setup

      Wall speakers play an important role in modern home theatres. Traditionally, cabinet speakers interact with the room—the floor, adjacent walls and the ceiling can interfere—resulting in uneven audio base and average sound quality.

      In-wall speakers on the other hand, create a smoother frequency curve and overall offer better contribution to your sound experience when they are part of a surround sound system. This reduced sound reflection means they are designed to ensure you listen to the audio, not the room.

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