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      Floor Standing Speakers Australia

      Floor standing speakers are a popular choice for audio enthusiasts—and may be what you first picture when you think of speakers for your home theatre.

      These speakers are often chosen to do the heavy lifting as the main left and right speakers in your audio system.

      Floor standing speakers are typically quite tall and, as the name suggests, usually work best when placed on the floor.


      1. Definitive Technology
      2. KLH Audio
      3. Monitor Audio
      4. Polk Audio
      5. Revel
      6. SVS Sound


      There are some great benefits to each of our floor standing hi-fi speakers stocked at CHT Solutions.


      These popular home audio speakers are very adaptable. They don’t need to be placed on a console or stand, freeing up much-needed space in your room.

      A great feature of floor standing speakers is that they allow you the flexibility to start your home entertainment setup with them and then build it up around them to suit your needs.

      They fit great into a wide range of speaker setups and are an impressive first piece to your surround sound setup.

      Floor standing hi-fi speakers are the ideal choice if you plan to use them for a wide range of media. From movies to music to gaming, these speakers can create a huge range of detailed sound without degradation in sound quality.


      Floor standing speakers can be favoured due to their capacity for reproducing lower frequencies —they can house multiple speaker drivers, which allows them to execute a more comprehensive range of frequencies. Floor standing speakers have great sound quality as they have space for drivers that are tailor-made for specific frequencies—for example multiple bass drivers that create a deeper bass response for a perfect blend of sound for your home audio needs. Some models will even have a seperate midbass driver which allows improved midrange performance, especially noticeable with music playback.

      Some models are able to pack a bigger punch than smaller bookshelf speakers and their advanced technology means they are well-loved by audio enthusiasts. Smaller speakers are limited on the size and number of drivers they can contain, which is why floor standing speakers are a popular choice for left and right placement—they are not as restricted and so they allow a bigger bass and volume output. This also means they are able to reproduce clear, detailed sound even in a large space.


      Due to their obvious size, these speakers are designed to be visually appealing and a stylish addition to your home entertainment setup.

      They are the best choice if you’re looking to impress your guests with not only audio quality but incredible aesthetics.

      How We Can Help

      If you have questions about any of our floor standing speakers for sale or would like assistance with deciding which speaker type will work best for your space, contact CHT Solutions for our expert advice.