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      Marantz HiFi Products

      Marantz has been dedicated to audio excellence since the company was founded by Saul Marantz in 1953. Specialising in hi-fi and home theatre equipment, Marantz engineers like to say, ‘Modern Musical Luxury can only be truly experienced through Marantz.’

      Marantz AV Processor

      AV processors, or preamplifiers, usually perform only one job: receiving audio and video signals from various input devices and sending them to their respective output devices. They have no inbuilt amplification, so they send the signal to power amplifiers which then connect to and power your speakers. This is a job a Marantz AV receiver will also perform, but the two differ in overall sound quality, and AV Receivers have their own inbuilt amplification.

      Marantz AV processors on the other hand have top quality componentry designed to maximise processing power available for amplification. Marantz model AV processors are most suited to mid to high-end speakers and home theatre setups.

      Marantz AV Receiver

      Generally, Marantz model AV receivers are suitable for enthusiast level home cinema setups due to their features, sound quality and the fact that they can do the job of multiple boxes in one product. With most of their models they have inbuilt pre-outs so you also have the option of upgrading your entertainment system in the future by adding a seperate power amplifier to some or all of your speaker channels, this choice is an excellent one for a fully functioning, impactful home theatre setup.

      They are well suited to a wide range of home theatre setups and are designed for impressive versatility. A Marantz receiver provides an easy and cost-effective way to switch between different audio and video inputs, typically using multiple HDMI inputs, as well as digital and analog outputs.

      Marantz Amplifier

      At CHT Solutions, our stocked Marantz products include both integrated and power amplifiers.

      Integrated Marantz Amplifier

      Marantz brand integrated amplifiers offer a wider dynamic range and lower distortion for the output stage, with high-quality componentry for exceptional music playback .

      Integrated amplifiers refer to devices that have the preamp and power amp in one component of your HiFi setup. They are a great idea for space saving, as technological advancements mean high-quality options—such as Marantz—are readily available.

      Some Marantz models offer flexibility in all their configurations to tune to your exact specifications, so you can experience high-grade audio files exactly as intended with excellent sound quality.

      Marantz Power Amplifier

      Marantz model power amplifiers are expertly crafted to drive even the most demanding speakers, through consistent and precise power delivered exactly where it’s needed.

      They differ from integrated amplifiers as they are dedicated to the sole job of power amplification and can therefore afford to have the finest components.

      For the ultimate at-home experience, these amps deliver power and detail to the audio in your home theatre or HiFi systems. Our stocked range offers amps with a variety of channels at different price points to perfectly meet your audio needs.

      Marantz Turntables

      Our stocked Marantz record players are fully automatic, easy to operate and provide high-fidelity audio playback. High-quality components ensure a smooth and balanced sound every time.

      The sleek, modern design mixes the traditional joy of listening to your vinyl collection with contemporary innovation for the ultimate audio experience. These turntables come with an attractive, clear plastic dust cover to help maintain the life of your record player.

      Marantz CD Player

      Marantz innovative CD Players bring your favourite albums to life with high-quality audio reproduction uncovering new details to each song. These pair perfectly with a Marantz amplifier for a more intense listening experience.

      With USB ports, they can also play back files from a connected storage device. Some Marantz CD player models can even produce playback of your favourite songs from mult>iple streaming services, and support Apple Airplay and Bluetooth.

      Architectural design and high-quality materials come together to create a sleek, masterful listening experience.

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