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      Are you looking for high-quality sound in your home theatre, but still want versatility for the products you put in there? The perfect option for versatile home theatre speakers are bookshelf speakers.

      These smaller options are so named because they would fit nicely on a bookshelf—though this isn’t the recommended position for them due to the impact on sound projection.

      They are meant to rest on an elevated surface such as a console or speaker stand and are specifically designed to maximise sound in a small to medium-sized room.


      The best bookshelf speakers have brilliant bass and are able to offer great detail in the sound reproduction. But that's not all, our stocked models have a range of additional features, including:


      Standmount speakers offer better sound quality than TV speakers, meaning they can not only be used to listen to music on their own, but can also accompany a TV to improve viewing of your favourite shows and movies.

      A pair of bookshelf hi-fi speakers can also be part of a great home theatre setup as these active speakers can easily be connected to your amplifier to improve your surround sound system.

      Compact Size

      Bookshelf speakers are quite tidy and compact speakers, perfect for smaller to medium home theatre rooms to create a high-quality sound experience.

      They are smaller than their usual rivals—floor standing speakers often stand around 1m or so tall, whereas bookshelf speakers can be as small as 25cm tall.

      This smaller size means they are easily portable and can be used both in and outside your home theatre, unlike many other speaker pairs.


      Bookshelf speakers have a sleek and innovative design to ensure they look stylish wherever you choose to put them—on top of your media console or on their own bookshelf speaker stands.

      They should sit so that the tweeter is at ear level for this allows for optimal performance.

      Their Place in a Home Setup

      Bookshelf speakers are a great option to increase surround sound in your home audio setup. These speakers provide great sound quality and bass at a range of price points. They work perfectly when paired with other speakers including in-ceiling and subwoofers.

      A great advantage of using these speakers is that you are not locked into one setup forever—their position can easily be adjusted, or you can even remove them to use on their own if your needs change, unlike their standing speaker counterparts.

      Placing them at ear level, and at 10 and 2 o’clock facing your seat will provide the optimal listening experience.

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