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      In-ceiling hi-fi speakers @ CHT Solutions

      In-ceiling speakers are very versatile and can be used to complement your home theatre system, multi-room audio setup or even for great stereo playback.

      They offer you placement flexibility which allows you to have the sounds coming from exactly where you want it within your room or home theatre.

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      Our advanced in-ceiling speakers are packed full of great features across the range of price points we stock.

      Smart Design

      They are low-profile and unobstructive, with no visible cables to trip over or collect dust.

      They are also designed to fit seamlessly into the layout of any space, with many featuring paintable magnetic grills. Plus, there are plenty of size options to suit your room. They are built to be heard, not seen. These speakers allow flexibility in your room layout that some traditional speakers may not provide.

      You can also get stereo in-ceiling speakers, these particular models have dual tweeters (one for the left channel and one for the right). These allow you to reproduce a stereo signal from the one speaker and are perfect for small rooms.

      Easy Installation

      While they require labour to install, many in-ceiling speakers are passive, meaning they don’t need an external power source and only need to be wired to your existing amplifier. This means fewer cables will be running along your ceiling.

      They come with hole cutout templates within the box which ensure you cut the perfect size hole to suit your model of in-ceiling speaker and have dog leg mounting systems which clamp down onto the plasterboard ensuring a secure and solid mounting.

      The innovative designs in our range mean installation technology is better than ever.


      As ceiling speakers are more difficult—but not impossible—to move once installed, the inclusion of swivel tweeters across our range is invaluable.

      These can be directed to face multiple angles to ensure the sound quality of your speaker will always work for your needs should they change after installation.

      Their Place in a Home Theatre Setup

      When used in conjunction with a pair of traditional speakers that you might already have, they can complete a surround sound system without you having to start over.

      It’s ideal to use them within your home theatre for the Dolby Atmos height channels. We can refer to these as Dolby Atmos in-ceiling speakers but generally they’re no different from regular in-ceiling speakers in design. Ideally you may want to use angled woofer models or those with a tilting midrange or tweeter to angle the sound back towards the listening position. Depending on the speaker layout for your home theatre, you’ll usually have between two and six overhead speakers for the height channels.

      Just imagine that scene in your favourite movie where a helicopter is landing overhead. Nothing compares to having these speakers mounted directly overhead rather than trying to simulate this effect from traditional surround speakers.

      Ceiling speakers help create a fully immersive experience and pick up background music that would otherwise be missed. Swivel tweeters help direct this sound to exactly where you need it. Some models even have swivel mid range drivers and there are also other models which have angled drivers to achieve the ideal speaker placement.

      How We Can Help

      If you're still unsure where to go from here, contact CHT Solutions for any queries about our range of in-ceiling speakers or for expert advice on whether they would be right for your space.