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      A power amplifier is a device that amplifies a low, line-level audio signal to a higher output, speaker-level audio signal in order to drive speakers.

      Compared to integrated amplifiers—whose job is to act as a preamp and power amp in one—power amplifiers have the capability to drive more powerful speakers as their sole job is to amplify, and their power is not split between jobs.

      Place in home entertainment setup

      In your home theatre or HiFi setup, a power amplifier is the power source for your speaker system. Amplifiers with more power are specifically designed to make your speakers play louder and cleaner with distortion free audio.

      If you include a power amplifier in your setup, your AV Receiver needs to have pre-outs or a separate AV processor or preamplifier is needed to decode and process audio signals before they are passed to the power amp—which in turn sends these signals to your speakers.

      What you may lose in console or rack space, you are making up for in audio quality. A dedicated power amplifier generally offers more dynamic range and overall control of the sound than an integrated amplifier because of the way they are designed with larger power supplies that are focused on the sole job of driving your speakers to achieve maximum sound quality.


      The benefits to having a great power amplifier include:

      Sound quality

      Power amplifiers act as the power supply for your speakers, so they can be driven further without being strained. The built-in audio amplifier in a smaller receiver or similar device may do the job, but a separate, high quality amplifier is definitely a huge step up in sound quality.

      In a power amplifier, all the componentry is dedicated to one task—taking an analog signal and amplifying it to your speakers. This means all the power is going towards driving your speakers, so they are capable of delivering cleaner and more detailed audio reproduction. This is especially true for subwoofer speakers, which demand far more power than standard speakers.

      Different designs are also dedicated to differing levels of distortion, including ultra low distortion, meaning they're perfect for audio enthusiasts looking for the perfect configuration.

      Dynamic Range

      Power amplifiers usually have a lower noise floor and can offer lower levels of distortion at higher volumes. This allows them to offer the user a higher dynamic range in their audio playback. This is the difference between the quietest and the loudest levels in the audio. Integrated amplifiers may not be able to perform this to the same degree but there are always some exceptions to this, as there are some fantastic highly powered integrated amplifiers available these days.


      Power amplification requires a lot of power and generates a lot of heat, so for the longevity of other hi-fi components, it can be important to keep these systems separate, in two different devices.

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