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      Denon Hi-Fi Products

      Denon is one of the AV receiver and amplifier market leaders in home theatre—though they revolutionise much more than just that. Their intention during their 110-year legacy has always been the same - to bring customers exciting new ways to get closer to their home entertainment experiences.

      Denon AV Receiver

      Controlling what you see on your screen and hear through your speakers, a high-quality AV receiver is vital to every home theatre setup.

      A Denon receiver delivers the ultimate 3D audio home theatre and gaming experiences by expertly decoding analogue and digital surround sound formats, and outputting them through your speaker system, creating a completely immersive experience. A Denon streamer ensures superior performance and audio quality.

      Denon Amplifier

      Denon’s range of amplifiers are designed for music enthusiasts. It is the superior choice for those who want to build their first 2-channel Hi-Fi system.

      Denon amplifiers provide the most vivid reproduction of vinyl via analogue and hi-res audio with their digital inputs. You can also seamlessly stream your favourite songs via Bluetooth.

      Plus, the wireless Denon HEOS amp turns any speakers into a wireless setup so you can enjoy music with precision and detail—or add high resolution streaming to your existing Hi-Fi system.

      Denon CD Player

      Denon CD players guarantees accurate and beautiful reproduction of your favourite tunes that are faithful to the original sound.

      Denon’s modern creations offer even more than the traditional CD players you’ll remember, with higher quality audio signals sent to the amp and new special features, including vibration resistant design.

      Denon Wireless Headphones

      Made for music lovers always on the go — Denon delivers leading-class audio quality in secure, compact and comfortable wireless earbuds. They are noise cancelling with transparency mode, meaning at the tap of an earbud you can turn noise from the outside world on or off.

      They provide up to six hours of wireless listening at full charge and up to 24 hours total when they are recharged using the convenient charging case.

      Denon Soundbar

      This product delivers 3D sound to your home theatre. The low-profile soundbar can be neatly wall mounted and offers built in subwoofers.

      They are also fully compatible with today’s 4K and HD TVs and the range of Denon soundbars include Bluetooth streaming.

      Denon Wireless Subwoofer

      Designed to expertly reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies, Denon subwoofers can connect via Wi-Fi to the Denon soundbar to add deep, rich bass you can feel and hear.

      With quick setup you can simply plug in to wall power and play. Plus, the advanced in-app control also supports easy setup and operation.

      Denon Wireless Speaker

      Enjoy hi-res audio without the Hi-Fi system, while preserving the attention to detail your music deserves. Denon’s wireless speakers work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, as well as your favourite music streaming services and Bluetooth.

      They can also work in a pair as left and right speakers for true stereo, providing a complete Hi-Fi system. You can even connect your two speakers with your Denon soundbar and subwoofer to create a 5.1 surround sound home theatre setup.

      Denon Turntable

      Denon turntables can be either manual or automatic, both with a sleek and smart design that fits seamlessly into your home entertainment setup.

      They are manufactured for perfectly stable turntable rotation, an essential component of high-fidelity sound. The strong, weighted bases and durable construction improve the audio performance and exceed expectations.

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