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      AV Receivers and Amplifiers for Home Theatres

      An audio/visual (AV) receiver is a combined audio amplifier and audio/video switching device which controls the most important elements of your home theatre: what you see on screen, and what you hear through the speakers. Essentially, an AV receiver is the hub of any home theatre, as it is an integral part of your home entertainment setup.

      What Can I Connect My AV Receiver To?

      An AV receiver has inputs for various audio and video sources such as; Gaming Consoles, Blu-Ray players or a digital media streaming device such as an Apple TV or Nvidia Shield. When these devices are connected the AV Receiver  will coordinate their signals to transmit a visual output to your screen via HDMI, and an audio output to your connected speakers.

      Benefits Of An AV Receiver

      It is paramount to get a high quality AV Receiver for your home theatre for the following reasons:

      • Great sound quality - using inbuilt amplification, resulting in an outstanding surround sound experience.
      • Compatible with a variety of multimedia devices and digital streaming devices, providing you with flexibility when it comes to setting up your system.
      • An AV Receiver allows for all components to work cohesively together in your home theatre.
      • Can be controlled via remote for ease of use.

      Films and games of today are produced using the latest surround sound formats - from Dolby Atmos, DTS-X and THX (to name a few). Out of all the components in your home theatre, it is the AV Receiver which is responsible for decoding analogue and digital surround sound formats, which may vary between films and games. Being able to interpret these surround sound formats and output them through your speaker system is largely what creates that immersive cinema-like experience in your home theatre.

      Our AV Receiver Brands

      Quality is our focus here at CHT Solutions, so we only stock the highest quality AV Receivers so you can get the most out of your home theatre system. We sell the following brands:

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