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      Home Theatre Speaker Systems

      A great home cinema can really bring people together. There is nothing better than gathering together with friends or family to enjoy a film, and having the right setup will certainly make your place the first choice for movie nights.

      Your speakers are key to creating that immersive surround sound experience. Choosing the perfect speakers is really important, and here at CHT Solutions we are here to help you get it right.

      Our Range of Home Theatre Speakers

      We only sell the best home theatre speaker technology here at CHT Solutions. We have a wide range of HiFi speakers, designed to suit any home theatre setup.

      Floorstanding speakers

      Floorstanding speakers are excellent choices for immersive sound, due to their larger size and capacity for high frequencies. They are also fantastic for playing music, so are popular choices for music lovers.

      Bookshelf speakers

      If space is an issue, you cannot go past a set of high-quality bookshelf speakers. Compact and designed to sit elevated off the ground on a desk, table or TV cabinet - they still manage to pack a punch.

      A good pair of bookshelf speakers will give you are far better listening experience than utilising the inbuilt speakers on your television. They can be purchased as a one-off addition to your living room, or in conjunction with a larger home theatre setup.

      Centre speakers

      Centre speakers serve as the audio anchor point. Positioned directly below the screen, they are responsible for dialogue and vocals.


      Subwoofers deliver lower frequencies - the bass. A good subwoofer can intensify the surround sound experience by emitting layers of deeper sound.

      Surround speakers

      Surround speakers are usually placed behind the viewer or listener, and create that atmospheric surround sound experience. With modern film soundtracks integrating complex layers of background noises - the hum of a passing train, murmurs in the street - it is your surround speakers which will capture this.

      Atmos Speakers

      Dolby Atmos enabled speakers produce realistic sound by projecting it upwards towards the ceiling, which produces overhead sound.

      In-Ceiling Speakers

      Small, but powerful as part of a larger home theatre setup, in-ceiling speakers help to provide overhead sound. They take up zero space, blending seamlessly into the ceiling.

      In-Wall Speakers

      If you have a small area, in-wall speakers are a great solution as they occupy virtually zero space.

      Outdoor Speakers

      If you are wanting to move your home cinema outdoors, you will need outdoor speakers which are weatherproof, and designed to emit sound in an open space.


      Soundbars are incredibly popular choices nowadays, from accompanying a standard living room TV set up, or as part of a larger home theatre speaker system. We stock soundbars from the best brands including Sonos, Denon, Yamaha and Monitor Audio.

      Speaker Packages

      Get the best bang for your buck with our carefully curated home theatre speaker package deals. We have a variety of speaker packages for sale to suit all sizes of home theatre setups.

      Speak To The Sound Experts

      We know how important it is to get your surround sound setup right. If you have any questions regarding any of our above-mentioned home theatre speaker ranges, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for more expert advice. 

      Already have in mind what you’re after? Shop our full collection of HiFi speakers Australia now via our website.