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      Home Theatre Projector screens

      Home theatres are a great solution to making the most of that unused room in your house and bringing your loved ones together more often for movie nights.

      An easy place to start is with choosing the best home cinema projector screen for your home theatre space—and CHT Solutions is here to help make that decision as straightforward as possible.

      Our Range of Projector Screens

      CHT Solutions stocks a range of fixed and pull-down home theatre projector screen options at a variety of price points. We stock a range of sizes to suit any room and offer great quality pull-down screens for those who still want to use the room for other things.

      The Benefit of Fixed Screens

      Having a fixed screen means you’re guaranteeing both higher picture quality and superior sound, as well as:

      • More size options
      • Exceptional longevity
      • Easy operation, as they don’t require adjustment
      • Mounted easily, due to its lightweight design
      • Perfectly flat image
      • Felt borders for absorbing excess light from overshooting the image to ensure a sharp border.

      However, it’s important to consider that when you mount a fixed screen, nothing else can be used on that wall. Therefore, these screens are best if you want your room to be a full-time theatre.

      The Benefit of Motorised or Pull-Down Screens

      Pull-down screens offer the flexibility of allowing your theatre room to still be a versatile spare room that can not only be for movies but also for study or play, depending on the day. Pull-down screens are also a great choice for your living room as they can be rolled up after use. Some additional benefits also include:

      • Manual pull-down screens are often the most budget-friendly
      • Avoid clutter and damage when rolled away
      • Discreet when retracted
      • Can get manual or motorised options
      • Some motorised options have a tab tensioned design to ensure a perfectly flat screen.

      A pull-down projector display screen will generally have less longevity from wear and tear when the pull-up or down function is used regularly. Motorised screens also may require electrical work if they do not have their own battery and they may have mechanical problems that a fixed screen by nature cannot have.

      Features of High-Quality Screens

      At CHT Solutions, we believe including a high-quality projector screen in your home cinema setup is key to having a fully integrated entertainment system. Some great features offered in high-quality screens include:

      • Uncompromised image and sound quality, with a 4k home theatre projector screen
      • High-quality, ultra-thin frames ensure structural rigidity
      • Guaranteed perfectly flat projection surface
      • Acoustically transparent frames, allowing sound to pass through the material with minimal attenuation
      • Special screen materials designed for use in ambient light or with an ultra short throw projector. 

      Speak To the Home Cinema Experts

      Our range of home theatre projector screens perfectly accompanies your existing portable projector and external speakers. Not sure which screen is right for you to complete your setup?

      Contact us for expert advice on the best home cinema projector display screen to suit your unique entertainment setup—we’re here to help.