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      Ascendo Speakers

      Ascendo, a brand celebrated for its innovation in sound, offers an extensive range of speakers, subwoofers, and immersive audio solutions.

      As a proud stockist of Ascendo, we bring a collection of their world-class audio products directly to you, including coaxial speakers, on-wall speakers, passive sealed subwoofers, infrasonic sealed subwoofers, high-performance amplifiers, in-ceiling speakers, sealed shallow subwoofers, and an exclusive immersive cinema speaker package.

      Ascendo Speakers: Redefining Sound With Precision and Power

      Ascendo speakers stand at the forefront of acoustic engineering, delivering unparalleled clarity and depth. Each speaker is meticulously crafted to produce a soundstage that is as expansive as it is precise. Whether you're in search for the ultimate high SPL home cinema with accurate earth shattering bass or looking for more of a discreet yet powerful home theatre setup, Ascendo has a solution.

      With the range of Ascendo speakers for sale at CHT Solutions, you're guaranteed to find the perfect match for your audio preferences and space requirements.

      Ascendo Subwoofers: Bass Reinvented

      Experience the foundation of sound like never before with Ascendo subwoofers. From the impactful passive sealed subwoofers to the groundbreaking infrasonic sealed subwoofers, Ascendo redefines bass performance.

      Ascendo dispels the myth that large subwoofers are not fast and controlled. They simply must be experienced to find out what you’ve been missing. Simply the best subwoofers we’ve ever used or demoed.

      These subwoofers are engineered to deliver a precise, deep bass that complements any audio setup, ensuring that every note and beat is felt in its full magnitude. For those with space considerations, Ascendo's sealed shallow subwoofers offer a compact design without compromising on sound quality, making them an ideal choice for any setup.

      Ascendo Infrasonic Technology

      The ultimate challenge in achieving peak audio performance in home theatres lies in reproducing the deepest bass notes below 20Hz, known as ‘infrasonic’ frequencies. Ascendo introduces a thrilling range of infrasonic subwoofers capable of delivering frequencies as low as 1Hz in-room. Contemporary films are rich in infrasonic low-frequency effects (LFE) content that falls below the audible range, often remaining unnoticed or unfelt by conventional systems.

      With an Ascendo Infrasonic subwoofer, you can hear every nuance of sound, delivering a more precise and impactful home theatre experience.

      Ascendo 50 Sub Pro-Passive Sealed Subwoofer

      Introducing the Ascendo THE50 SUB50” Pro-Passive Infrasonic Sealed Subwoofer – the mother of all Ascendo products.

      Featuring an enormous custom-made 127 cm/50” driver, the SMSG50 is powered by a DSP-controlled 6000 watts through AIA Speaker Management technology, making it unequivocally the world's most potent cinema subwoofer. Its ability to deliver speed, definition, and commanding presence, along with the clarity to distinguish single-digit frequencies, is truly astonishing.

      This subwoofer was without a doubt, the most powerful cinema subwoofer in the world… Until they decided to up their game and release the new custom built 80” model.

      Amplifiers: The Heartbeat of Your Audio System

      No Ascendo immersive audio system is complete without one of their high-performance amplifiers. These amplifiers are the backbone of your home theatre audio setup, providing the power and control needed to drive Ascendo's speakers and subwoofers to their full potential. With a focus on efficiency and performance, Ascendo amplifiers ensure that your audio system performs seamlessly, delivering a rich, dynamic sound.

      Explore Ascendo at CHT Solutions

      At CHT Solutions, we are dedicated to offering our customers the best in audio technology, and Ascendo is a testament to this commitment. With Ascendo's innovative range of speakers, subwoofers, immersive audio solutions, and amplifiers, we provide everything you need to create an unparalleled audio experience in your home theatre.

      Explore Ascendo's range of outstanding products at CHT Solutions today and discover how we can enhance your audio landscape with the perfect blend of performance and design. Get in touch with our expert team for obligation-free advice on any of the Ascendo products in our collection.

      Experience Ascendo Australia – where excellence in sound is just the beginning.