What Is Infrasonic Sound? Exploring the Impact of Infrasonic Subwoofers in Home Theatre

What Is Infrasonic Sound? Exploring the Impact of Infrasonic Subwoofers in Home Theatre

In the realm of sound, there lies a spectrum so profound yet largely unnoticed by the human ear. This spectrum is known as infrasonic sound, a type of sound wave that exists below the threshold of human hearing. These frequencies, lower than 20 Hertz (Hz), remain an enigma to many, yet hold significant potential in enhancing our audio experiences, especially within the context of home theatre speaker systems. 

In this blog, we discuss infrasonic sound and how it can enrich your home theatre experience, enriched by insights from Acsendo’s Geoffrey Heinzel, considered an expert in infrasonic technology. 

What is infrasonic sound?

Infrasonic sound, by definition, encompasses sound waves that are too low in frequency to be detected by the human ear. Unlike sounds that fall within the human hearing range (20 Hz to 20 kHz) or ultrasonic sounds, which exceed 20 kHz, infrasonic sounds operate on a level that, until recently, was largely unexplored in consumer audio technology. 

The significance of infrasonic sound lies not in its audibility but in its capability to provide a physical sensation, creating a deeper layer of immersion in audio experiences.

Can humans hear infrasonic sound?

The debate surrounding the human ability to perceive infrasonic frequencies is as intriguing as it is complex. While traditionally it was a misconception that these frequencies are entirely inaudible so why would we be concerned by them, recent studies and technological advancements suggest that, although we may not ‘hear’ infrasonic sounds in the conventional sense, our bodies can definitely feel them. This physical response to infrasonic vibrations can have both psychological and physiological effects, offering a new dimension to audio that goes beyond mere listening.

What are some infrasonic sound examples? Infrasonic vibrations in nature and technology

Infrasonic frequencies are not just technological phenomena but are also prevalent in nature. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and certain animal communications are examples where infrasonic vibrations play a crucial role.

In technology, particularly in home theatre systems, infrasonic sounds are employed to produce a more immersive audio experience. 

Infrasonic sound in film

Movies like ‘A Quiet Place’ use deep infrasonics to create a level of immersion that traditional subwoofers cannot achieve. According to an interview with Heinzel, 

"The room is pressurised by infrasonic sound, allowing for the whole room to be immersed. Ascendo is the only company doing it, apart from a few DIYers."


infrasonic subwoofers

The science behind infrasonic subwoofers

The technology that enables infrasonic subwoofers to produce sounds below 20 Hz is both sophisticated and precise. Ascendo's approach to creating infrasonic subwoofers involves meticulous design and engineering to ensure that every part of the product works in harmony. 

Unlike DIY projects that often struggle with power supply crashes when handling deep low bass, Ascendo amplifiers can deliver full RMS output down to 1 Hertz for extended periods. This capability is critical for generating the full energy required for infrasonic sound, distinguishing Ascendo's products in the market.

The unparalleled experience of infrasonic subwoofers

Integrating infrasonic subwoofers into home theatre systems transforms the audio experience by adding a dimension of sound that is felt rather than heard. This pressurisation of space with infrasonic content immerses the audience into the movie or music, creating a physical reaction to the sound produced. 

Heinzel highlights, "99% of residential home theatres don’t benefit from infrasonic content because they don’t have infrasonic subwoofers capable of producing these frequencies. They are missing some of the content." 

By incorporating infrasonic subwoofers from Ascendo, any existing home theatre can achieve deeper immersion and enjoyment of content.

Embracing infrasonic technology

Embracing infrasonic technology

Understanding the difference between audible bass and the pressurisation effect of infrasonic frequencies is crucial in appreciating the unique experience they offer.

Infrasonic subwoofers do not just enhance the depth of sound; they envelop the listener in an atmosphere of anticipation and immersion, especially effective in films where the mood and tone are pivotal.

How to choose the right infrasonic subwoofer

Selecting an infrasonic subwoofer involves considering factors such as room size, compatibility with existing audio systems, quality of construction, and the ability to deliver consistent, powerful infrasonic frequencies. 

Ascendo's commitment to precision and performance makes its infrasonic subwoofers a leading choice for those looking to upgrade their home theatre experience. Heinzel's advice for those venturing into the world of infrasonic sound is to seek out products that can truly deliver the full spectrum of sound, down to 1 Hertz, ensuring an unparalleled audio experience that you feel in your very core.


Ascendo 24” Pro Passive Infrasonic Subwoofer
The Ascendo 24” Pro Passive Infrasonic Subwoofer (centre) is shown paired with the 18” Pro Passive Sealed Subwoofers (left and right).

Shop Ascendo subwoofers and speakers at CHT Solutions

Infrasonic sound represents a frontier in audio technology that is just beginning to be explored in consumer applications. Through the expertise of individuals like Geoffrey Heinzel from Ascendo, the potential of infrasonic frequencies to revolutionise home audio systems is becoming a reality.

By understanding and embracing the unseen depths of sound, we can enhance our audio experiences in ways previously unimaginable, adding a new dimension to how we experience movies, music, and more.

CHT Solutions is at the forefront of this audio revolution, committed to bringing the unmatched depth and immersion of infrasonic sound to home theatres across Australia.

We currently have the only demo room in Sydney that is able to demonstrate infrasonic subwoofers with our 24” Ascendo THE24 Passive Sealed Subwoofer, paired with two 18” Ascendo Pro Passive Sealed Subwoofers which are all powered by the incredible 20kW Ascendo DSP4-20K2 Amplifier.

Contact our team today if you have any questions about the possibilities of infrasonic sound, and how it can be applied to your own home theatre.