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      bluesound powernode & wireless multiroom music speakers

      Bluesound is brand of devices dedicated to delivering wireless, digitally perfect high-fidelity audio. All their products—including the Bluesound NODE—are made by audiophiles, for audiophiles.

      As Bluesound likes to say, “You don’t need to be an audiophile to appreciate hi-res sound, but you might just become one after you hear what you’ve been missing.”

      Stocked Bluesound Products

      At CHT Solutions we stock a great range of Bluesound products with some top-notch features.

      Wireless Stereo Components— Bluesound Node and Powernode


      The Bluesound NODE is a wireless multi-room hi-res music streamer that is a smart addition to your existing hi-fi system or favourite set of powered speakers. It will act as a single zone on the BluOS app or additional multi-room control software such as Roon for next level user experience.

      It connects to any stereo amplifier, AV receiver or powered audio system. So you can take your older 2ch amplifier which you still love, and add the latest features such as high resolution streaming via Tidal or Qobuz to control from your mobile phone or tablet. Plus, the BluOS Controller app provides easy access to all your favourite tunes from internet radio stations, streaming services or your own digital music library.

      The latest NODE n130 also adds an HDMI eARC connection so you can now connect this to your TV to bring the audio back through your stereo system via a single cable.


      The Bluesound POWERNODE is a wireless multi-room music streaming amplifier reimagined for the streaming age. Access all your favourite streaming music services or internet radio stations in one place. Think of this as a Bluesound NODE with an inbuilt power amplifier.

      It utilises audiophile-grade componentry to create an intuitive hi-res sound system—simply connect to your favourite speakers and enjoy perfect sound quality. The POWERNODE's integrated HybridDigital Bluesound amplifier features 80 watts per channel of zero-distortion power.

      The BluOS Controller app means set up is simple and it can be integrated easily into any existing hifi systems. Plus the app can be used on smart devices and laptops so you can get listening to hi-res music streaming sooner rather than later.

      Vault Streamer

      The Bluesound Vault 2i not only preserves your CD collection on its 2TB hard drive, but also modernises your home audio system with its ripping and hi-res music streaming features.

      The outstanding hard drive has the capability to store all your music and connect to your existing sound system to listen to studio-quality reproductions whenever you want.

      How We Can Help

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