40mm to 300mm Adjustable Hole Cutter Perfect For In-Ceiling Speakers

CHT Solutions

  • $119.95
GST included.

This is the ideal tool for cutting the perfect hole for you In-Ceiling Speakers. Will be suitable for cutting out holes for your 4", 6.5" and even 8" Speakers. It's protection cowl will help make the job safer and will dramatically cut down on the mess caused when cutting plasterboard.


  • Perfect for cutting In-Ceiling Speakers
  • Fully adjustable blades
  • Maximum depth of 27mm
  • Maximum diameter = 300mm
  • Minimum diameter= 40mm


  • Cuts Perfect Holes In Drywall And Ceiling Tile
  • Polished cutting edge
  • Fully adjustable blades
  • Cuts polywood, plasterboard acrylic sheets and silicon sheets up to a maximum depths of 27mm
  • Drilling on the ground and using the same center point blade on the front and reverse side of the work piece.
  • Maximum cutting diameter = 300mm
  • Minimum cutting diameter= 40mm
  • Protection cowl is injection molded by PC material into one integral part, robust and prevents chips from flying.


  • 5 X masonry drills;
  • 5 X wood drills;
  • 1 X HSS knife blade;
  • 1 X 8×72mm HSS center drill;
  • 1 X 4mm allen key;
  • 1 X pencil;
  • 1 X tape measure

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