Star Light Ceilings

      If you want to level up the design of your home entertainment setup, star ceiling lights can bring an incredible atmosphere to your home theatre. Watch your favourite movies under the night sky in the comfort of your indoor home theatre room.

      The striking visual effect of a star ceiling home theatre will make your room the best place to be for movie or game nights. The end result being a brilliantly impressive, complete home entertainment room.

      The negligible power consumption makes setting the perfect mood for your unforgettable home theatre a no-brainer—especially with the vast shade combinations and light sequences available for configuration. For gentle ultra-long life illumination, that features innovative acoustic panels, there's no better option.

      Our Stocked Products

      At CHT Solutions we have two, Bluetooth controlled home cinema star ceiling lights available: 300 point and 600 point.

      300 Point Star Light

      This kit will provide your home theatre with everything you need for 300 incredible stars of varying brightness with the incredible optical fibre technology. The LED lights are also capable of being set to twinkle in a variety of colours including white. When turned off the system will even remember the configuration it was set to for your next movie night. They are Bluetooth controlled for easy configuration and impressive simplicity. This option is suitable for smaller spaces or instances where you would like the stars spread further apart.

      600 Point Star Light

      This kit provides your home cinema with 600 sensational stars of varying brightness based on the fibre optic diameter. The LED lights can twinkle in a variety of colours to suit your desired atmosphere. Even after you’ve switched the lights off, the system will remember the colour of the lights for the next time they are turned on.

      Plus, the Bluetooth control makes setup impressively simple. This option is best for larger spaces or in instances where you desire more concentrated stars.

      How We Can Help

      Reach out to CHT Solutions if you have any further queries regarding our star ceilings—plus we can even handle the installation of these incredible star ceiling panels for you.