Epson Home Theatre Data Projectors and Multimedia Players

      Epson is the leading LCD projector brand and one of the world’s largest projector manufacturers. They stand out above the rest as one of the highest performing and affordable brands.

      You may have already heard the name, and that’s because they are one of the most trusted brands in home theatre out there.

      They stand out above the rest as one of the highest performing brands, offering feature-packed models at very reasonable prices.

      Stocked Models

      With both portable and fixed options, each of these models have unique features to ensure Epson projectors can meet a wide range of specific needs.

      Epson accessories also provide more versatility including the ELPMB22 Projector Wall Mount or the inbuilt Epson Streaming Media Player—which comes standard with our EH-TW5700 model.

      Advanced Features

      All of our stocked Epson models feature:

      • Advanced 3LCD, 3-chip projector design technology
      • Guaranteed bright images—ranging from 2600-5500 lumens of colour and white brightness
      • High contrast ratio to offer more detail in both bright and dark scenes
      • Long-life, cost-efficient lamps and high efficiency filters to extend projector life, and provide hassle-free maintenance
      • HDMI connection to easily integrate with any system
      • Epson’s 2 to 3 year warranty (depending on model) guaranteeing peace of mind without blowing the budget

      Projector and Screen Bundles

      At CHT Solutions we even stock a Epson EH-TW5700 1080p Home Theatre Projector and Elite Sable Frame Projector Screen bundle that saves you time and money trying to search for a more perfectly matched pair.

      These high-quality products are guaranteed to display content to your audience with excellent colour light output and picture quality.

      Benefits of a Projector in Home Theatre

      Large screen TVs can be a tempting addition to your movie room but some benefits of a quality projector screen for your home theatre include:

      Customisable Screen Size

      The screen size can be configured to suit any requirement with a projector. This future-proof adaptability means if your screen size requirements change later on, it’s easier to adapt the size than to repurchase the technology all over again, like you would need to with a TV.

      Huge image

      Projectors are able to display better image quality on a larger surface.

      Yes TV’s are getting larger, but the latest 85” TV does not compare to a 130” or larger projector screen, you just don’t get the same level of immersion.

      It's true that watching content on the big screen is the ultimate home cinema experience. A projector is one of the best home entertainment options that can offer a large image without compromising picture quality.

      Speakers Behind The Screen

      With an acoustically transparent projector screen you can position your front three speakers behind the projector screen, so the audio comes from the screen where it belongs and not either side or under the image, just like your local commercial cinema.

      Eye comfort

      When compared to TVs, projectors have the advantage of larger screen sizes, meaning less strain on your eyes.

      Plus, your eyes feel more comfortable looking at projected images. Reflected light is gentler on the eyes, whereas the emitted light from TVs is harsher by comparison.


      Home theatre projectors are usually compact and light weight compared to TVs.

      Therefore, the option to move your home theatre to another space is always available. If you've ever wanted to have an outdoor viewing of your favourite film, this is the perfect choice.

      Useful Epson accessories, such as the wall mounting bracket, also mean you have options when setting up your home theatre.


      You can find a range of expensive projectors on the market but at a base level the value for money is greater with a projector than it is with a TV.

      While you may be able to find a TV at the same price point as a projector, the value and quality you’re getting with a projector means it is still the better choice.

      How We Can Help

      For more information on every stocked Epson home theatre projector, contact our staff at CHT Solutions for professional, obligation-free advice.