PS4 vs Xbox One:  Which One Should Be in Your Home by Christmas?

PS4 vs Xbox One: Which One Should Be in Your Home by Christmas?

If you’re an avid gamer then you probably hold familiarity for all game systems, specifically Sony and Microsoft products.  Now, for over a decade these two ambiguous entertainment companies have been vying for consumer support, but there has always existed those split opinions on which gaming systems are most ideal.  Which will it be this time around?



Online Game Play:  Who Has the Best System?


It all comes down to what individual consumers prefer the most.  For example, the Xbox One offers relative ease of use.  The features are designed simplistically.  However they do provide amazing graphics, as Microsoft has always brought to gamers.  The online play is something that is preferred among the majority of gaming enthusiasts as well.

Many of these features have simply been upgraded.  Although there are some features that consumers would have preferred to do without, fans still celebrate this upcoming gaming console. The gaming features that have been favoured, and which have been carried over to the new generation xbox one console are:

  • Live Game Streaming
  • The Ability to Add Friends and Interact With Ease
  • The Gaming Achievements that Show on the Gaming Profile
  • Co-op Game Play
  • 8 GB System Memory
  • Blu Ray Drive(new feature)
  • And Many more features

The release date set for Australia is November 2013, which definitely makes it just in time for Christmas.  However, the bigger question is: “Will there be as many fans purchasing it this year or will more turn to Sony”?

While Microsoft might have Sony beat on some of the friendlier gaming features meant for online, the new generation Sony just has Xbox One beat in power and graphic capability.  While Sony’s setup might be a more mature one, this iconic company has a large fan base as well.  When comparing these two mammoth companies, these entertainment giants are similar yet so different at the same time.



Sony’s online game play is far more complex than Microsoft’s simplistic version.  It also appears to be geared for the adult audience as well.  With navigation and controls that are more diverse than Microsoft, there are many advanced features.   Also, while there is online service, such as the Play Station One store, this isn't the defining feature of Sony.   For Sony’s new generation console, gamers can look forward to a system that provides them with:

  • A System That Works Without Requiring Internet Connection
  • Affordable Gaming Equipment
  • No Restriction on Used Game Sales
  • Processing Chips that Are Similar to PC’s Enhancing the Power of Gaming
  • More Exclusive Gaming Titles


What is Driving Consumers to Sony for 2014


As was mentioned earlier, while there are many fans of Microsoft, some of these have ventured away due to the vague statements that have been made.  While some amendments have been carried olut since E3, there are still gamers who feel uncertain about Microsoft’s plans.  Microsoft does have a lot of catching up to do with Sony.  This is especially true with this new generation being reported to have many quirks that need fixing.

Gamers have to recall the “three red rings,” on the past model of Xbox.  With rumours of overheating issues, and the system not being as powerful as PlayStation's new generation console, this leaves a lot of disappointment behind.  Furthermore, they've not appeared to have the gamer’s needs at heart one iota.  With how their proposed new system operates, there are still major questions hanging.




Which Will Consumers Prefer to Choose and Purchase?


As stated at the beginning of this, the decision to go either Sony or Microsoft is based on individual preferences, but Sony does expect to see an increase in new fans.  Sony is also expected to sell out of their new generation consoles within the first month as well, based on the amounts of reservations currently.  While the deposit at some shops is $100.00 for these consoles, this guarantees that those investing in them really are serious.  Stores  also require the same kind of security deposit for the Xbox One as well.

Now, Sony and Microsoft both are harnessing the power of social media this new generation.  Sony is making it easier to share gaming experiences with a push of the button on the handheld controller, while Microsoft will be utilizing the Kinect for all the features in game play and added features as well.

The operating systems are certainly different.  Sony’s new generation console hopes to bring 4k resolution in gaming in just a few years, while there is no clear word on Microsoft’s advancements in this regard.  Further, Sony will be using Orbis OS operating system.  The previous generation used what was known as “CellOS” which doesn’t vary that much from this one.




In fact, they appear to go hand and hand.  This appears to be a major upgrade for performance though.  Sony and AMD have also been collaborating to ensure the best graphics driver possible.  Sony has always been known for amazing captures with graphics, which is what has drawn many fans through the years.  It is almost guaranteed that this new system will be more light weight and will offer far more stabilities than in gaming systems in the past.


So Where Does This All Lead Gaming Fans?


Ultimately, it just might be split right down the middle.  However, there could be more consumers purchasing both systems this year for Christmas.  One never really knows.  Both companies are expecting high sales that is for sure.

It is possible that both companies will do very well when the systems first emerge.  Of course, as of now, one can only guess what system gamers are going to be more inclined to purchase.  It certainly is all a matter of opinion and it comes down to what consumers do want the most.


PS4 vs Xbox One Feature Comparison:


Feature PS4 Xbox One
Price (AUS) $549 $599
Optical Drive Blu-Ray Blu-Ray
Game DVR Yes Yes
CPU Jaguar AMD x86 (8 Cores) Microsoft Custom CPU (8 Cores)
Builtin Storage 500GB 500GB
Cloud Storage Yes Yes
Internet Required No Yes, for initial setup
Blue Tooth Yes 2.1 (EDR) No
Network B/G/N Wifi, Gigabit Ethernet B/G/N Wifi, Gigabit Ethernet
Av Connections HDMI Out (4K Support), Optical Hdmi In/Out (4k Support), Optical
Region Locked No No

Which next generation console will you be looking to purchase?