How To Set Up A Home Theatre: Choosing the Perfect Home Theatre Recliner

How To Set Up A Home Theatre: Choosing the Perfect Home Theatre Recliner

When you're setting up your home theatre, it is important to never underestimate the importance of picking the right home theatre seating. Your choice of seats can make or break your comfort and enjoyment, so it's worth getting it spot on.

Whether you're in the middle of setting up your home cinema, doing some research, or just looking for inspiration, this article is here to help. We explore some key tips on choosing the perfect home theatre recliners for your entertainment space.

The importance of home theatre seating

When it comes to creating a truly immersive home theatre experience, your choice of seating plays a pivotal role. Imagine watching your favourite films or TV shows from the comfort of plush recliners designed for relaxation and enjoyment. Home theatre seating isn't just about comfort; it's also about style and functionality. 

Factors to consider when selecting home theatre seating

Consider the following when searching for home theatre seating;

Comfort is key

Perhaps the most important factor — comfort. After all, you'll be spending hours in these seats, so they need to provide the utmost comfort and support. Look for recliners with well-padded seats, armrests, and headrests that offer the perfect balance between softness and firmness. Certain models even allow you to select the seat firmness to suit your preferences.

choosing the right home theatre seating

Style matters

While comfort is essential, style also plays a significant role in the overall aesthetics of your home theatre. The design and upholstery of your recliners should complement your room's aesthetic, as long as align with your own personal design preferences.  

Find the right size

We often get asked ‘how big are home theatre seats?’, but their sizing depends on the make,  model and seating configuration. When choosing home theatre seating, it's also crucial to consider the size and layout of your entertainment room. The last thing you want is to have recliners that are too big for your space, making it feel cramped and uncomfortable. 

Here's how to ensure the perfect fit:

Measure your room

Start by measuring the dimensions of your home theatre room, including the available floor space and any potential obstacles like columns or walls. This will help you determine the maximum size of recliners that can comfortably fit in the room.

Consider seat placement

Think about where you want to place your recliners for the best viewing experience. The distance between the seats and the screen is crucial for optimal viewing angles. The size and layout of your room will influence the seating arrangement. Consider the following:

  • Arrange your home theatre recliners at the right distance from the screen (more on this below).
  • Ensure that each seat provides an unobstructed view of the screen.
  • Experiment with different seating layouts to find the most comfortable arrangement.
  • Ideally you also want to keep your recliners off the wall for the best audio experience.

Calculating seat placement distance from the screen

The ideal distance between your home theatre recliners and the projector screen primarily depends on the size of the screen and the projector's resolution. Here's a general guideline to help you determine the appropriate viewing distance when using projectors:

  • Screen Size: Measure the diagonal size of your projector screen in inches.
  • Recommended Viewing Distance: This will be affected by a multitude of factors such as aspect ratio, amount of rows in the room and your own personal preferences. But if you look at the THX standards for 16:9 screens you take the diagonal measurement of the screen and divide that by 0.84. For example a 130” screen would then have an optimal seating distance of 3.9m.  There has also been trends in recent times due to higher resolution projectors to use large screens than were normally standard. 

However, remember that personal preferences and the layout of your room also play a role. Some viewers may prefer to sit closer to the screen for a more immersive experience, while others may want a bit more distance for a comfortable viewing angle. Additionally, consider factors like the projector's resolution. If you have a high-resolution projector, sitting closer can help you fully appreciate the finer details without seeing individual pixels.

Ultimately, it's essential to strike a balance between immersion and comfort to find the sweet spot that works best for you and your home theatre setup.

For further info on this, have a look through our article on calculating the ideal screen size from your seating position.

Also we recommend reaching out to us to discuss your ideal screen size and viewing distance for your room if you are confused, We can also assist in fully designing the home theatre of your dreams.

Introducing Manhattan home theatre recliners

Manhattan home theatre recliners offer the very best of home theatre seating excellence. Every model is meticulously crafted and incorporates a top-tier motorised reclining system, boasting an ultra-quiet motor that operates almost silently when the seat is reclined.

Manhattan home theatre recliners are available in various configurations, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your space. Whether you have a spacious room that can accommodate a large sectional sofa or a smaller area requiring individual recliners, Manhattan offers various options to meet your needs.


manhattan seating construction

Luxury features of the Manhattan range

One of the key advantages of Manhattan home theatre recliners is the luxury they bring to your entertainment space. These recliners are packed with features designed to enhance your viewing experience. Some of the luxurious features you can expect from Manhattan recliners include:

  • Rock-solid stability - these chairs stay firmly in place, even when the occupant shifts their weight.
  • Efficient space utilisation - when the chair reclines, it moves forward, making it possible to position it very near the back wall.
  • Expertly crafted from solid wood by skilled carpenters, ensuring exceptional quality.
  • The seat base features a pocket spring system nestled between two layers of high-density foam, encased in a highly breathable fabric. This design encourages excellent airflow and delivers maximum comfort.
  • Enjoy the support of luxuriously plush backrests, armrests, and headrests, providing unparalleled comfort and relaxation.
  • Built-in cup holders and storage compartments for your snacks and drinks.
  • Power silent reclining and adjustable headrests for customised comfort.
  • USB charging ports to keep your devices powered up during movie nights.
  • High-quality materials – Manhattan offers top-grain leather, Scottish Muirhead Leather, Synthetic Leather and Fabric options ensuring that all touch surfaces are free from split or reconstituted leather. Manhattan recliners are designed for long-lasting durability, eliminating concerns about peeling often associated with inferior products.

These luxury features ensure that your home theatre becomes the ultimate relaxation and entertainment hub for you and your guests.

manhattan luxury seating features

Manhattan home theatre seating options


Each recliner model comes with its unique set of features, and many offer customisation options such as motorised headrests, massage functions, removable tray tables, and even a chilled cup holder, among others. For detailed information on what's included and available extras, please visit the respective product pages for these recliner models.

Your dream home theatre awaits

With the right home theatre recliners and a well-thought-out setup, your dream home theatre is within reach. Manhattan home theatre recliners offer a luxurious solution that can transform your entertainment space into a haven of relaxation and enjoyment.

Not sure which Manhatten recliner model is best for your space? Regardless of your home theatre's size, we assure you that there's a home theatre seating configuration perfectly suited to your space. Contact our team for personalised recommendations on optimising your home cinema seating arrangement, to ensure maximum comfort and an optimal viewing experience.

Planning to set up your own home theatre? At CHT Solutions, we stand by there being no one-size-fits-all solution for home theatres. This is why we offer bespoke home theatre design and installation services, to provide our customers with the best possible result in alignment with their needs.

Our team also provide professional installation and calibration services, removing any guesswork and guaranteeing a flawless setup process. Feel free to fill out our online form for a free quote.

We are here to make your ideal home theatre space a reality.