Budget Friendly Turntable Package - The Music Maker

Budget Friendly Turntable Package - The Music Maker

We often get asked why do turntables have to be so expensive? Why is it too hard to get into without knowing where to start or what I need? Do I need to choose a turntable, cartridge, speakers and amplifier? I just want to listen to records...

Well to make it easier we introduce the Music Maker Turntable Speaker Package which includes everything you need to get started spinning that vinyl. It've been designed to be a very simple to setup package which out of the box sounds fantastic. 

You'll just need to add some speaker stands and a hifi rack or use some existing furniture you have at home like a tv cabinet or buffet.

The package includes:

  • Pro-Ject Audio Primary E Turntable
  • Rotel A10 Amplifier
  • Monitor Audio Monitor 50 Bookshelf Speakers
  • All the cables you need

This package is suitable for anyone as it's so easy to setup.

  1. Turntable comes pre-setup, so no counterweight adjustment needed. Just need to attach the belt from the spindle to the plinth. 
  2. Connect your speaker wire from your speakers to the A10 amplifier.
  3. Connect the phono cable from the turntable to the A10 amplifier, remember to connect the ground connection as well.
  4. Power on the amplifier and turntable.
  5. Place your record on the plinth and lower the tonearm (remember to remove the protector cover on the cartridge).
  6. Sit down and enjoy the bliss sound of vinyl.

You can purchase this turntable package by clicking on this link.


Note: Speaker Stands and the Hifi Rack in the photo are not included in the package.