Are Banana Plugs Better than just Stripped Speaker Wires?

Are Banana Plugs Better than just Stripped Speaker Wires?

You’d think speaker wires wouldn't require very much preparation for excellent sound system quality, now would you?  Clearly, when dealing with your speakers and your audio or sound system, this latter fact holds quite a bit of truth.  The process was very simplistic indeed in the past and amounted to just stripping the wire free from its insulation and sticking it into the amplifier.  Bear in mind, this is how it used to be.

While this initial step is still just as important as it always was, there is far more to this preparation now.  You’ll find that adding a connector to the speaker wire guarantees desirable, long term use.  Honestly, connectors like banana plugs secure your connection fully.  You won’t have static coming through, and you certainly won’t have to worry about the wires becoming damaged any more either.

The Growing Popularity for Connectors on Speaker Wires

So, clearly, when you add connectors like banana plugs to your stripped stereo wires you’re gaining:

  • A top quality connection that stays secure
  • Safety for the wires when they are being inserted into the amplifier
  • Prevention of corrosion of the wires which can impact the sound performance

Most of those experienced in the audio system niche should be aware that Banana plug connectors also come in a variety of styles as well.  Most audio enthusiasts find the majority of these are fairly common and the process of connecting them to the bared wires is not as difficult as it might appear.  Clearly, banana plugs, and connectors like them are the key elements for gaining impeccable sound quality from your audio system.


When it Comes Down to Proper Installation of Speaker Wire. 

Now, as mentioned any audio expert or even a novice to a sound system can find the benefits to using banana plugs makes logical sense.  The main impact of this comes down to when you might be doing an installation in behind your wall.  While some just leave the hole in the wall (sometimes necessary for installation), using banana plugs which include wall plates eliminate a tacky issue such as this.

Furthermore, you’ll find that the normal clutter and tangle of the wires are totally eliminated when using connectors such as these.  In other words, you have an attractive, neat and tidy appearance in behind your speakers, as well as directly in front of them!  You might have thought that guests never noticed something such as this, but they certainly do.  Furthermore, depending upon what style of banana plug connectors you choose to go with—this determines how you will be connecting your stereo wires, such as the image above demonstrates to you.  This is a side connection that is basically self-explanatory.  However, the bad news is that there are some audio systems which still aren’t compatible for the usage of connectors such as these.  If that is the case then you’d have to stick to the old fashioned method for audio output.


Are Banana Plugs a Requirement for Improved Audio Quality?

There are mixed opinions on banana plugs in general.  While some users claim them to be ideal and the best way of connecting stereo wire appropriately, others beg to differ.  Those individuals who have been working in the audio business professionally claim that these plugs make connection more efficient period.

There is no lost signal, no outside interference, no external noise, and definitely, the connection is more stable than through just winding the stripped wires to the inside of the amplifier.

The perfectly clean lead now simply can’t be applied without something to stabilise it.  Banana plugs do just this.  Now, it does take a little bit of time to prepare the stripped wires and insert them into these plugs correctly, but following this it only takes about 30 seconds to connect to your A/V receiver.  Even those who state that these aren't absolutely necessary do claim that they provide one thing for certain.  A sure way to hold those speaker wires in place.


The Truth Behind Banana Plugs

While there might be some truth into the fact that sound quality isn't wholly transformed; these plugs still perfect the sound system in many other useful ways.  For some it is convenience, and for others, these are used just for the sake of “better to be safe than sorry.”  Now, for those who move their sound systems around a lot then banana plugs guarantee that the stereo wires don’t shift or fray, which is perfect.

You don’t have to solder these like many people think either.  Most banana plugs are screwed into place now, thus this design allows for the copper wire to be inserted relatively easy.  This alone has changed the idea that many individuals used to have concerning utilizing these.  Now, the one final point to be made here about these is in ensuring that they are installed correctly.


Guaranteeing Proper Installation

Within this article you've surely learned that banana plugs can be utilized for several different reasons.  However, installing them correctly is definitely more than just important, it is imperative for sound quality.  If these aren't screwed in properly then the connection can become potentially weakened, leading to outside interference and a loss of sound quality.

However, when you follow the proper instructions for installation and take the time for preparing the stereo wire correctly, then normally everything goes right without a hitch at all.  Remember, these provide you with long-term security, and you’ll find no damage caused just from moving your system around as you might have beforehand.  Ultimately it is a personal decision to use these, but those who do are more than satisfied.  The investment is one that is more than affordable as well, and well worth the time and energy.

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