How Can 4K Resolution Televisions Impact Entertainment Today?

How Can 4K Resolution Televisions Impact Entertainment Today?

Have you heard about them; those amazing 4K Resolution televisions that are said to be the latest advancements for television entertainment today?  Well, sure you have; if you are just one of the many millions who enjoy their entertainment.  4K Resolution promises to bring consumers the perfect image across the big screen, and very soon within their own home theatres.

4K/UHD (Ultra High Definition) is going to replace the current technology that has been with us for nearly a decade; the standard High Definition for entertainment.  So, for those who have stayed up-to-date on the next generations wave of the future advancements for big-screen movies in particular, it appears that those once insatiable wishes for improved clarity and contrast for visual imagery entertainment in general is on the verge of being answered.

What to Expect with the New 4K Technology

There are startling differences between the current HD technology and the one currently emerging.  Now, if we are to approach this from a technical aspect, clearly Ultra Def. offers consumers a display resolution that is substantially higher than most consumers currently have within their homes.  This is denoted to be 4096 x 2160 and has over 8 million pixels per frame, a far cry from traditional televisions in HD which barely have 2 million pixels per every frame.

The difference is once again in the sharpness of the images, and quite clearly in how crisp and clean the picture quality projected is.  Furthermore, the images that can be manipulated from this type of technology are surreal, just to say the least.  This advancement is 4 times more powerful than the traditional HD televisions on the market today as well.

Now, of course this probably leads many consumers to start questioning how big of a television they’re going to need to notice the difference; and of course to maintain such powerful pixels.  Just as many might be concerned with how much all of this is going to potentially cost, and whether it is affordable too.


How Big is Too Big: Is It Worth the Investment?

While the 4K/Ultra Definition technology is an amazing feat within the entertainment industry, most experts claim that unless you buy a large enough television you’ll never even notice the difference in the pixels or the quality of the image itself.  Sony suggests going with either a 65 inch 4K screen, or even more ideal would be the 84 inch screen.  The estimated costs are varied as well.

LG, Panasonic, and other marketable brands have the basic, introductory models beginning at a little over $1, 000.00.  They are basic models with no fancy features, just intended for enhancing viewing pleasure, but they tend to be too small at this price point to really notice the improvements of 4K.  However, for more advanced models with other styles and brands the prices can go up to well over $10,000 for the highest quality massive curved screens.

Most experts do say that the average 55 inch screens would not benefit from the increase in resolution to 4K, but this will depend entirely on the viewing distance and just how good your eye sight is, so it is best to have a look at them yourself in person.

In other words, with this type of technology, too big is never enough.  It would appear that the larger the screen the better the resolution, thus the higher the reward; at least for those consumers who can afford such an expense.  There is still one drawback with this technology though, even when going large.

There are those experts who have gone into great detail when examining this technology so that the pros and the cons can be pinpointed.  Most do state that the distance you have to sit to really catch every feature is unrealistic at best.  Therefore, In order to really see the full difference you’d have to sit pretty close up.


Image of Perfection for Games

The 4K/Ultra Definition technology is clearly more than adequate for those who are into gaming, most certainly.  Furthermore, for gamers who play love to play on the big screen; this is another group that surely can reel in the benefits from 4K resolution as well.  So, ultimately, the decision on whether this is worth investing in at the moment is left up to the buyer and is therefore pretty personal.  It all depends upon what you would be utilizing this advanced resolution for.



However, since gamers don’t sit back and watch the screen like someone watching television or a movie goer would, maybe; just maybe, this is the perfect time for these groups to get in on some unbelievable technology that will enhance the gaming experience.

Sony has had quite a bit to say about the 4K possibilities.  While they are preparing to offer movies in 4K resolution, the possibility for gaming with this capability which did not seem feasible at launch may not be too far away.  However, Sony has made it clear that this is something that will definitely happen down the pipeline and in just a few years’ time too.  So, the age of gaming is certainly going to be taking a progressive turn that will be absolutely exceptional.

If a gamer can imagine playing a video game that feels more 3D lifelike, then this is what this form of technology will offer.  The features of each staged scene will come to life with the finest eye for detail in the most exceptional of ways.  However, even with the chagrin of most players, this technology will lie in wait for just a little while longer.  Still, the ability for super high definition video output is amazing and is sure to bring about satisfaction for many.

PC gamers are already enjoying 4K resolution on the latest titles. With them sitting so close to the screen the benefits are massive and is something which really must be experienced.


The Bigger Question Remains

Are the small little tweaks and benefits enough to encourage consumers to invest in 4K televisions at this time?  The answer appears to be a whispered and hesitant “no” by many, but once again this is all up to the individual shoppers as well.  The investment is a good one as it guarantees the purchaser the technology way ahead of time.

Furthermore, as more content becomes available for 4K televisions then the popularity is sure to grow, and of course, sales and sale pricing will make a huge difference in getting consumers to make these purchases.

It is a definite plus to upcoming entertainment, many consumers are taking that wait-and-see approach, much like what happens with many new and emerging electronics on the market today.  Of course, this will be the wave of the future, and it gives much to look forward to in terms of multifaceted areas for entertainment, most definitely for gamers everywhere.

If you are in the market for a new Television you should consider a 4K model as this will be considered the norm in the future, but there is still not enough content available to make the masses want to upgrade for this feature alone. Hopefully with 4k Blu-rays coming onto the market we will see a greater shift towards the Ultra HD technology, which can only really benefit the consumer in the long run.