The Best Home Cinema Ideas To Inspire Your New Setup

The Best Home Cinema Ideas To Inspire Your New Setup

Creating the perfect home theatre space relies on a few key elements. Firstly, you probably want your space to be comfortable—this means comfy seats, low light and a relaxing, uncluttered finish. You’ll also want some excellent equipment to enjoy, with high-definition images, great sound quality and useful accessories to truly customise your space.

One thing’s for sure, you’ll want an impressive space to escape to and watch all of your favourite movies with family and friends. So, here's our top home cinema ideas for the perfect movie space.


The most important aspect of any home theatre is the equipment. Once you have decided on your budget you can start thinking about which pieces you want to best suit your home cinema ideas.

The main equipment you’ll need to get started is:


You can also style out your room with sound conducive interior design to not only allow your home theatre to function properly but look fantastic too.

Adding decorative acoustic panels to the walls of your home theatre room helps reduce the resonance of hard surfaces, improving the sound quality you experience. Plus, they make your room look great and are made to impress the guests you have over with their professional look.

Black walls or dark carpeted floor colours are perfect for home cinema rooms to help create a cosy space to enjoy your favourite films. Blackout curtains are also great for blocking out basically all light from windows.

Fun wall decorations such as novelty movie reels, framed concession stand images and bright movie posters can be a great way to add personality to the space.

home theatre seating


You don’t need a huge amount of extra space to fulfil your dream home cinema ideas. The most important aspect of the space you choose is not room size but whether it can be easily darkened. If you can’t avoid all of your windows, blackout curtains are a great way to make your space cinema-ready.

Ideas for a small room or living room

If you plan on converting a smaller space such as your living room or spare bedroom into a home cinema, there are plenty of great ways to get that cosy, movie night feeling any day of the week. You may not want your family room to always act as a dedicated home cinema, so the key here is to make your room impactful with more subtle additions.

Perhaps you’ll want to go for a comfy wrap around sofa to amp up the cosiness in your living room. You could also upgrade to a large screen high-definition TV to achieve that big-screen viewing experience that was once only possible by leaving the comfort of your home.

Blackout curtains are a great choice here as you most likely have a few windows in your living room that you don’t want permanently covered up. Grey walls will also reduce the brightness of the room, while still maintaining a stylish interior design look.

Plus, there are loads of incredible surround speakers out there that are made for impact in smaller spaces—including some types of bookshelf speakers, subwoofers and Bluetooth speakers.

Ideas for a large space

If you have a larger dedicated cinema room, there are plenty of options to make your mark on the space—so why not think big.

If you want impactful sound, the extra space you have means you don’t have to lose out on the surround sound system set up of your dreams. From dedicated cinema speakers  to subtle in-wall or ceiling speakers, nothing is off limits to achieve the perfect cinematic experience in your own media room.

You could even consider home theatre seating installation, if you have the space, to make your room look exactly like a mini cinema, complete with cup holders and individual seats. Adding acoustic panels, an incredible star ceiling or dimmable wall lamps will elevate the look of your home cinema to the next level. You could even hang some of your favourite movie posters on the walls to add your own flare and pay homage to the cinematic classics.

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