Resi-Linx SD DVBT Modulator with IR Return Path - RLDM1102M


  • $449.00
GST included.


  • Component, Composite and S-Video Inputs
  • IR Return Path
  • Web Management

RL-DM1102M SD MODULATOR- With Component, Composite &SVideo Inputs, Web Management And IR Return Path

The RL-DM1102M is a new single input DVB-T Modulator - now with Component, Composite, S-Video Inputs, Web Management and IR Return Path, allowing you to distribute any AV source around your home/commercial installation over coaxial cable and controlwith ease. 

When combined with the RL-RF380 and other products in the IR range, the RL-DM1102M Modulator allows you to control the AV inputs from other locations by sending IR signals down existing RF cables. 

The RL-DM1102M replaces the ever popular RL-DM1101. 


  • Single Input SD Digital DVB-T IR Modulator that converts video and audio signals to digital COFDM DVB-TChannel
  • Fully Programmable LCN, Channel Names, Network Names & more
  • Composite, Component & S-Video Inputs
  • Front LCD display for adjustment of Outpout Channel & LCN
  • 2K/8K Carriers
  • Adjustable VHF/UHF Output (6-69)
  • 85dB launch level
  • Includes 12VDC Switch Mode Power Supply
  • MPEG 2
  • Web Management Set up 
  • Built-in IR control for connection to resi-linx's Video Hub, IR targets and emitters to allow remote TV locations to have IR control of AV equipment


  • Output Channels
  • Output Connector
  • Video Input
Component, Composite and S-Video
  • Audio Input
  • Power Requirement
12V DC 1.5 Amp
  • Output Level
  • IR Return path
  • Dimensions:
L- 235mm x W -145mm x H -35mm

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