Pro2 8-Way Speaker Hub

Pro2 8-Way Parellel Volume Control Speaker Hub - PRO1257


  • $39.95
GST included.


  • 8 way speaker hub
  • Volume control in up to 8 rooms
  • Handle Speaker Wire 24AWG to 12AWG
  • Wall mountable


  • 8 way speaker hub
  • Volume control in up to 8 rooms
  • Light weight
  • Screw terminals handle wire sizes form 24 to 12 gauge
  • Wall mountable
  • Small size and compact
  • Large detachable terminal block(supplied) for quick and easy installation in a structured wiring cabinet 

Installation Considerations:

  1. Calculate the impedance Matching settings.
  2. Ensure optimal operation of your amplifier or receiver, your speakers must show it a
    load that it can handle safely and effectively. This requires the use of impedance-matching
    volume controls. 


  1. Every speaker pair in the system must be connected to an impedance-matching volume
    control and set to the same magnification.
  2. When you install the HUB and connect the volume controls to it, double check the switch
    on the volume controls to verify that they are set correctly for the impedance load of your


  • Dimensions:196L x 94W x 29.5H mm
  • Weight: 198 g

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