Earthquake 10" Powered Subwoofer 600W Class D Black Piano Lacquer Finish


  • $1,379.95
GST included.

Providing monster bass from small spaces. When it comes to compact subwoofer design, our MiniMe subs continue to break ground. From their compact footprint and extremely efficient amplifiers, to the advanced high-power drivers andSLAPS passive radiators, everything about these subs is perfected for unbeatable high-end performance, including their sleek and acoustically neutral enclosures. High Power. Deep Impact. Special refinement. Attention to detail.The MiniMe Subwoofers deliver it all.

The MiniMes sport a two-driver (one active—one passive) system. The active driver incorporates a poly injection cone body and a dual-layer aluminium bobbin voice coil that ensures linear travel as it handles the straight up power delivered by the digital Earthquake amp. Working together with the active driver, the patented SLAPS passiveradiator is tuned to deliver the incredible bass output demanded by today's savvy consumers and most critical audiophiles.

The MiniMe system is designed to dramatically enhance your enjoyment of music and films at home by adding power and impact to low frequency sound effects without taking up your entire living space.

The MiniMe P10V2 subwoofer utilizes an advanced digital class "D" amplifier, a premium long throw driver and a mass tuned passive radiator with patented SLAPS (Symmetrically Loaded Audio Passive System) Technology. With a ported design and piano gloss enclosure, the MiniMe P10V2 subwooferdelivers phenomenal bass.



  • 600W Class D amplifier
  • 10" Long throw driver
  • 10" SLAPS passive radiator
  • Sealed Front Firing Design
  • Black high gloss piano lacquer finish


  • Height : 318mm (With Feet)
  • Width : 312mm
  • Depth : 355mm


  • Built in 600-Watt, high efficiency digital amplifier
  • 10-inch long throw, premium quality drivers
  • 10-inch mass tuned SLAPS Patented Passive radiator technology unit
  • Signal sensing circuitry
  • IR Input with IR remote & remote eye
  • Operation status LEDs
  • RCA & high level inputs
  • Room tuning adjustments
  • 40 - 160Hz frequency adjustment
  • 0 - 180° phase switch
  • SUB/LFE Operation Switch
  • Black high gloss piano lacquer finish
  • 110/220V selector switch
  • Weight: 16.6kg

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