Samsung HW-MS650 Series 6 Soundbar Sound+ 3.1Ch - Super Clearance Deal


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  • Save $350
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  • Output Power: Bar - 450W
  • Bluetooth 2.1 / Bluetooth Power On
  • 1 x HDMI Input / Output
  • Wireless Surround Sound Ready
  • High-Res Audio (96kHz/24bit)

Main Features

  • 9 Built-in Speakers (3.1Ch)
  • One Body Design
  • Wireless Music Support
  • Wide Range Tweeter
  • Wireless TV Connection (To Supported TV's)

3.1 Channel Soundbar Sound+

The single-body Soundbar Sound+ can deliver room-filling home theatre sound without the need for a separate subwoofer. With powerful sound and an elegant single mount option, Sound⁺ helps ensure home cinema is better than ever.1

Clear And Crisp Sound

Using a multi-speaker array to achieve a smooth balanced sound. Each speaker if powered by it's own amplifier for effortless performance.

Powerful Bass

Bass you can feel. Distortion Cancelling technology is designed to predict and cancel out distortion before it happens, helping you to hear deep and detailed bass without the need for a separate subwoofer.

Wide-Range Tweeter For Sweet Sound From Any Position

With the wide-range tweeters every seat can be in the sweetspot, allowing you to hear consistently amazing sound from anywhere in the room.

Smart Sound Mode

Choose between sound modes or you can let the soundbar choose for you to ensure the soundtracks are automatically tailorer to your entertainment.

Made For Music Playback

With both WiFi and Bluetooth streaming on compatible devices the Soundbar Sound+ is designed for quick and easy listening.

Samsung Multiroom App

Use the new Samsung Multiroom App to control your favourite streaming services to multiple zones using other Samsung Multiroom Supported devices.

Seamless Mounting Option

Purchase the optional mounging bracket which connects directly to your compatible Samsung TV without the need to drill any holes in your wall. You can then use just one power cable to power both devices.

Wireless Connection To TV

Allows you to connect the soundbar to your compatible Samsung TV over Bluetooth. Making for a quick and neat setup.

Wireless Surround Sound Addon Supported

You can purchase the optional wireless rear speaker kit to turn your 2ch soundbar into a surround sound setup.

Can Be Controlled With Your TV Using One Remote

Using the Samsung One remote control you can control the power, volume and sound effects of your Soundbar and compatible TV.

Use Samsungs Remote App

Control the main fuctions of your Soundbar using the Samsung Audio Remote App which is avaliable on your Android device. You can also play your tracklist through the same app.



Model HW-MS650/XY
Number of Channels 3.1
Total Power 450W
Connectivity 1x HDMI in + 1 HDMI Output, Bluetooth, Digital Audio In (Optical)
Weight (kg) 7.9
Shipping Carton Height (cm) 14.8
Shipping Carton Width (cm) 127.8
Shipping Carton Depth (cm) 21.2

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