Episode Triple 8" Powered Subwoofer 300W Gloss Black


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Episode® Triple 8 in. Powered Subwoofer (300 Watt | Gloss Black)
This Triple 8" subwoofer combines stunning good looks with BASH amplification and three woven fiberglass woofers to deliver one amazing performance.

Precision Engineering
Consider for a moment what makes a premium sports car so special. Is it the engine, the transmission, the suspension, the chassis… You get the idea - the short answer is of course "Yes." Every component and system is precision engineered and tuned to deliver an incredible experience. So too with this Triple 8 subwoofer - the woofer system, passive radiators, amplifier, power supply and even the cabinet - all come together in concert for an amazing performance.


  • 8" Active Woven Fiberglass Cone
  • 2 x 8" Passive Woven Fiberglass Cone
  • Power: 300W RMS


BASH® Amplifier Technology
At the heart of the ES-SUB-TRP8-300 is a highly efficient BASH® amplifier. This hybrid technology produces 300W RMS (600W dynamic) of clean, tight bass and is up to 60% more efficient than conventional designs. In standby mode, the subwoofer consumes less than 0.5 watts, making it one of the “greenest” solutions available.


Woven Fiberglass Driver
Driving the performance is a custom 8" driver that is made of top-shelf components like a woven fiberglass sandwich cone, Nomex spider, double stacked/vented motor and an oversized 2" high-temperature voice coil. Each passive driver is made from the same top-shelf woven fiberglass material and is finely tuned to match the system, resulting in incredible output with low distortion.


Gloss Black Cabinet
Underneath this furniture-grade, high gloss finish lies a monster of bass! To withstand the high pressure levels of this powerful acoustic system, the cabinet is constructed from 1” thick MDF to create a strong, inert enclosure. Sculpted curves and rounded corners provide an elegant form factor, while a multi-layer painting process and hand-polishing bring it all to a glassy, elegant finish.


It's The Little Things
When designing a premium product, you just can't skimp on the little things. Every detail matters. That's why we took extra care with the flush mounted grilles, rubber painted pull tab and brushed aluminum feet.


Balanced XLR Input & Output
Balanced connections offer improved protection from noise - which is very important when you're talking about line-level signals that will be sent long distances to then be amplified. That's why you see these used in pro audio almost exclusively. For high end theater applications, the Triple 8 uses this same balanced XLR connection for clean, resilient bass performance. Plus there's also an XLR output for daisy-chaining to a second subwoofer. Be sure to check your receiver/processor to see if it has this connection - many premium brands offer it.


High and Low Level Inputs & Outputs
If a balanced connection isn't possible, no problem. For more traditional installations, there are gold-plated RCA connections including an LFE input. If your receiver only has speaker outputs, connect it to the high-level inputs then use the high-level outputs to hook up the speakers.


Volume, Crossover & Phase Controls
For an unbelievable music and movie experience, the subwoofer needs to be configured to match the speakers and room. Rear-mounted rotary volume, crossover and phase adjustments enable you to finely tune the subwoofer with the rest of the system. To learn how the room itself can impact your subwoofer’s performance, check out our placement video:



Signal Sensing / 12V Trigger
This Episode® subwoofer features power-saving modes that reduce power consumption when it's not in use. “Audio Sense” mode automatically turns off the subwoofer after 15 minutes. Then as soon as an audio signal is detected this sub roars back to life. “Trigger” mode gives the installer the ultimate control as it relies on a 12V signal sent from either a remote system or another component (such as an A/V receiver) to tell the subwoofer when to turn on and off.



Woofer: (1) 8" Active Woven Fiberglass Sandwich Cone, High Temp 2" Voice Coil
(2) 8" Passive Woven Fiberglass Sandwich Cone
Color: Gloss Black
Power: 300W RMS, 600W Dynamic
Frequency Response (-3dB): 30 Hz - 200 Hz
Crossover Control: 40 Hz - 180 Hz
Dimensions: 300mm x 325mm x 325mm (H x W x D)
Connectors: Gold-plated RCA and 5-Way Binding Post Inputs & Outputs Balanced XLR Input & Output 12V Trigger Input
Adjustments: Volume, Crossover Frequency, LFE, Phase, Turn-On
Weight: 14.5kgs
Grill Type: Black Cloth
Optional Accessories ES-SUB-WIRELESS

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