Doss Network Cable Tester with Port Flashing


  • $27.90
GST included.

The Doss NF-469 twin-end multifunction port flash cable checker checks network and telephone cables for continuity. It also helps with tracking network cables back to the switch by flashing the cable port.


  • Continuity test for RJ11 telephone cable and RJ45 network cable
  • Port flashing function to help with cable locating
  • Individual LED lights showing wire status
  • Detachable master and remote units for versatile tracking, RJ45, and RJ11 testing ports

Rating Label

Sometimes, it is hard to find patch leads or port numbers when there is a bunch of them tied and connected to the patch panel. 
One easy solution might be to plug in one end of the patch lead into the NF469 tester, when it is set to port flash mode, you will see the led flashing on the patch panel, either on port or front panel.

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