Accento 8" Ceiling Speakers Pair AMT Ribbon Tweeter with Edgeless Grill


  • $329.95
GST included.

New super-slim grill for an ultra low profile flange of contemporary design. Multiple magnets hold the metal grill securely. Built from strong rigid plastics that are fire retardant to UL-8540T. Quick-install clamp system for 40 to 10mm thickness. High exertion butyl rubber surround and an advanced woven black cone for quality, strength and durability.

Premium audio sound optimised with a 12dB crossover and a front facia switch selectable tweeter attenuator. Air Motion Transformers (AMT) are high frequency electrostatic transducers that produce clarity with high transient speed. Gold plated spring terminals for larger bare wire or 4mm plug connection to any 8 ohm HiFi audio amplifier.

New low-profile 5mm metal grill 
New Magnetic grill fasteners 
Premium audio HiFi speaker system 
Two way Woofer coaxial tweeter 
Black Woven cone woofer 
High exertion Butyl rubber surround 
High power aluminium voice coil 
Electrostatic ribbon tweeter 40KHz 
Air Motion Transformer (AMT) 
Built-in 12dB Crossover with 
Switch HF att: 0dB,-3dB,-6dB 
UL-8540T Fire retardant plastics 
Suits 10-40mm panel thickness 
Spring terminal wire & 4mm connectors 
Sold in stereo pairs box packaged 
8 ohm input for HiFi amplifiers


  • Frequency 48Hz-20kHz
  • Impedance (Ohm) 8 ohm
  • Sensitivity 90dB
  • AMT Ribbon Tweeter
  • Black Woven Cone Woofer



Code ADS8AMT-160MG
Description Black 8" Pair
Dimensions 107x290mmØ
Page 15
Pmax 160W
Hole 271mmØ
Freq. 48Hz-20kHz
Power (RMS) 51-100 Watt
Inch 8
Impedance (Ohm) 8 ohm
Size 8"
Prms 80W
Sens. 90dB
Manufacturer Accento-Dynamica
Colour Black
Series Magnetic Grille
Price Type Pair
Packaging Pair
Materials Poly

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