600 Point Star Light Ceiling Kit

CHT Solutions

  • $1,199.00
GST included.

300 Point Star Light Ceiling Kit, featuring: 2 x 12W twinkle + RGBW functions.

Supplied in a kit which includes:

  • Dual 12W LED  RGB-White LED fiber optic illuminator
  • 600 fiber optic strands each 3.6m length
  • RF remote control
  • Twinkle white colour wheel
  • Power adapter

This fiber optic starlight kit includes 600pcs mixed diameter fiber optic cables with crystal ceiling end fixtures to make vivid star ceiling field. If you would like to create a ceiling with three different sizes of stars to create a "near + far" effect, we suggest that you purchase this model. 

The fiber optic strand included with this kit has 3 different diameters which when put in the ceiling or other application makes 3 different size stars. The larger the fiber the greater the light output!


Fiber amounts - 2 x 300 strand bundle with 220pcs 0.75mm, 70pcs 1.0mm and 10pcs 1.5mm. This kit can accommodate roughly 12 sqm.

With the LED technology you wont have to worry about changing out the bulb as LED's have a very long life and are very energy efficient.

Light engine offers the ability to twinkle in any color including white without the need to change out a color wheel.

Remote controller with on/off, start/stop wheel and up/down dim 8 levels.

Retains memory of dim level when powered off and back on.


  • 1pc two head LED illuminator with 2*12 watt Cree chip RGBW LED and twinkle white color wheel
  • Fiber cable quantity: 440pcs 0.75mm + 140pcs 1.0mm + 20pcs 1.5mm PMMA fiber optic tail at 5m length. 20pcs crystal ceiling end fixture.
  • 600pcs fiber optic cable can cover 20 square meters.
  • 1pc dimmable remote controller with on/ off, start/ stop wheel and up/ down dim 8 levels.
  • Retains memory of dim level when powered off and back on.
  • 12V DC transformer.
  • 2 year warranty

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