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VSSL Airplay 2 Amplifiers

VSSL was launched to fit a need in the multi-room audio market. They decided that if this was going to work it would have to fix a few essential areas.

The existing solutions were confusing and would require multiple parts to make a good sound system work.  

  • Criteria #1 –  The system must be easy to use.  Most solutions were not allowing the user to stream music from their device. Mobile devices had lots of apps that were allowing people to listen to music like never before, but connecting to your home system was difficult if not impossible.
  • Criteria #2 – Must be connected to the internet for streaming from any device.
  • Criteria #3 – Let the user use the app that they already like to use.  They called it Native Streaming.™ No more third-party apps.
  • Criteria #4 – Must be future proof, using the latest technology.  The VSSL product needed to have automatic updates.
  • Criteria #5 – Be an all-in-one solution that even a child could intuitively use.
  • Criteria #6 – No more keypads, and must have voice recognition.  So, they partnered with Google.

Available in single, 3 and 6 zone models they amplifiers are industry leading with Airplay 2 now being offered via a firmware upgrade, as well as Google Home voice control and matrix switching of their inputs.

VSSL Airplay 2 Amplifiers