Jackson Double Power Point GPO with 2 USB Charging Sockets 2.1A Charge


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GST included.

Ideal For Charging IPod, IPhone, IPad , Mobile Phones, MP3 Players, GPS Units And Many More Devices, The PT9822 Provides Two Standard Power Outlets Plus Two USB Charging Outlets.

The PT9822 Is The Same Size As A Standard Australian Powerpoint And Can Directly Replace An Existing Power Point.


  • Two Switched Power Points
  • Two USB Charging Sockets
  • 2.1A Fast Charge


  • Standard wall-plate size to replace existing power points .

  • Charge most portable electronic devices.


  • Supply rating 240VAC ~ 50Hz

  • Current 10A

  • Power Rating 2400 Watt

  • USB Outlet 5VDC 2A

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