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QED Audio Cables

British cable manufacturer who offers a lifetime guarantee on their range of passive speaker cables and interconnects. You won't find many other companies who will offer you that kind of guarantee. 

Owned by parent company Armour Home you just know these are going to be designed to be a perfect match for their sibling range of speakers.. Q Acoustics

QED has won plenty of awards in the industry with comments from their reviews such as:

  • "This kind of transparency is difficult for rivals to match"
  • "Near total transparency that is the mark of an award-winner"
  • "Natural, organic way of making music that's wonderfully smooth"
  • "Cannot be faulted for build, technical parameters, sound or value"
  • "Very low power loss, across the audioband it's the perfect solution for high-end systems"
  • "Outstanding, among the best"