System Audio Saxo 50 Floor Standing Speakers Pair - Gloss Black

System Audio

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System Audio made and engineered in Denmark, established since 1984, have designed the most attractive loudspeaker available anywhere in the world today. System Audio Saxo Series are manufactured by hand and their styling and design are only found in speakers 3 times their price.

You haven't heard good audio till you have experienced System Audio.


  • Power handling: 135 Watts
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Sensitivity (1W, 1m): 90 dB
  • Frequency range (+/- 3 dB): 45 – 35 kHz

Introduction to System Audio (SA)

It was the year 1984. At that time loudspeakers had to be gigantic and technically complicated. This was when SA introduced its first loudspeaker, and the press was amazed and wrote: ”This loudspeaker sets new standards”. But this loudspeaker was not like all the others, because it was a compact speaker with big sound. A loudspeaker that was created in fascination of excellent sound – and not just technology. A loudspeaker that showed a new way we listen to music.
In a world where technologies and the truth come and go like mayflies, the System Audio loudspeakers are based on a number of long-life ideas that last longer than the conventional technological fashion that will be forgotten tomorrow.

Design Philosophy

A meaningful product consists of meaningful ideas that work in the real world. SA loudspeakers are based on a number of ideas that are as simple as they are long-life. We call it system design. The alphabet is the first system design that was invented. The system consists of letters that can be combined into words and sentences. The sentences become stories that connect people and make sense. SA has, with respect, borrowed the idea from the alphabet to create loudspeakers where the same ideas are part of all products, but in different designs.

Slim and Style Designed To Embrace Every Angle

A slim floor standing speaker that easily fits in everywhere. Discover small nuances in the sound that you have never heard before. Enjoy a new and intense experience of the artists you love and rely on a loudspeaker that will bring sound to any home party when you want it to.

Why 4 Woofers....

At System Audio, we don't use large woofers, when we design a speaker to deliver big sound. We prefer to use several smaller ones and we have good reasons for it.
We control the sound. When several small woofers are positioned one above the other on a line, the speaker reduces the amount of sound that is directed towards the floor and ceiling. This is good news for sound quality.
We distribute the sound. Small woofers are better at covering the room with sound, compared to large woofers. Therefore, you can move freely in the living room, and enjoy great sound anywhere.
We create life-like sound. Speakers with lightweight membranes deliver more musicality and gives a feeling of being close to the music.

Acoustic lens fills the room with sound

Notice the special tweeter that is used in all SA saxo speakers. It has a special lens that makes the sound cover a larger area of your living room. You will particularly appreciate the effect of the acoustic lens when you move around your house while listening to music. The improved sound distribution makes the sound clearer, no matter where you are. This technology is called DXT, a Danish patent


Saxo 50 Speakers;

- True 3 Way Speaker System
- 1 1/2 inch Silk Soft Dome Tweeter Made in Denmark
- 4 inch Midrange / Midbass Woofer Made in Denmark (4 qty)
- Cabinet made in Craft wood with 3 Coates of 2 Pack Lacquered Paint
- 1050mm High x 130mm Wide x 250mm Deep
- 135 Watts RMS True Power Rating
- 45Hz - 35KHz  90db efficiency
- 4-8 Ohm Rated
- 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty

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